I want to start a event planner startup



Hello All!

I have an idea of starting a event planner startup, where we plan and execute or also take care the sourcing , basically a event management company with ecommerce platform to source party stuff! Our main attractions would be

  1. Plan a surprise- Its a package to execute a customised surprises for the loved ones, for example! A surprise cake cutting to be organised for you friend while you are in schhol, we can do it!
  2. Wedding planner- We plan and make theme based weddings, we sit and pen down the interests and make it a dream come true wedding for people
  3. Corporate parties and management
  4. Personalised gifts and surprises

And the list goes on, but one thing is! I just want the public views on this kind of startup, would it be profitable. Taking about the profits we will be earning from consultation fees and organising stuffs. Also if this brings some interest in you! get in touch we can bring things to life together
My mail nikikumar15■gmail.com

A example site just like my idea: http://happyplanner.in/

Thank You!


Hi Nikhil,

How exactly do you plan on obtaining permissions from schools in order to host an event on their premises?
Moreover, wedding planning is a separate segment in itself. It would behove you to focus on a single segment initially (something like just personalised gifts and planned surprises)

Hope this helps.


Check out your local market and you will find that there are many companies out there doing the same.

Best will be to test the waters by having discussions with people if they would like to have this kind of service available; or in case you have an existing customer.

To setup business of this type it is very easy these days:
(1) Setup a website
(2) Start marketing on Instagram & Facebook. If possible run advertisements on these platforms for some time until you start getting some calls

Having a client is a good way to start. You would not like to spend money on opening a office space, developing website and social media marketing and waiting for customers to come in.


"while you are in school"
i meant it to be something like you are school goer and you want to surprise your friend when he comes back home so we do all the set up at the mentioned place by you and ta-daah the surprise happens!

Thanks for your advice, we would only concentrate on personalised gifts and planned surprises


Thanks for your help, i shall start working :slight_smile:



We are startup consulting and business planning. We can help & consult you right from idea to make it reality.
We can help to validate your business idea, feasibility study, modelling and planning your idea.

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tacking the suggestions for who are the best event plannerscrazy events


Idea sems to be great but its implementation is tricky. Which market do you wish to focus into and the segment ?


Hello Nikki


As I noticed, you are looking to start an event planning website. You have an idea to start the business. But I would like to share with you one another idea which is similar to your idea. Check this vivogigs platform, it is a readymade solution to build a marketplace that brings event planners and performers together effortlessly and quickly. It’s an ideal solution for people looking for booking performers and events. If you want to start an online portal which helps to connect entertainers with event planners then Vivogigs is a dedicated platform.

Website - Readymade Marketplace solution for event planners and performers
Demo- http://demo.vivogigs.com/


If you really want to start an event management then you just need to take a guidance from best event management companies in Nagpur, they organize best events in every big city.


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