I want to start an EV company in india


I want to start a Electric vehicle company in India . I want to build an ev with long range. I am no ME but i think with right sort of minds we can mend ways. I am unsure about the investment. How much initial does it require. I have some though


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Hi Debhasis,

We are a technology accelerator for startups that help visionaries constrained by technologies actualize their dreams, right from building MVP to full stack Platforms. I would like to get on a call with you to discuss opportunities and how we can help you. Kindly drop a mail to ram at constient dot com to take this forward. Thanks!


Hi Debashis,
We are also working on the same line, we have all the plans and technical know how of the performance EV specially Motor Bike. If you want we can discuss the possibility.
My mail id is ashutoshâ– mirai-tech.in

Ashutosh Kumar
Mirai-Tech LLP


All the best… Very first, start from a small, cute or grand Brand Name which is also available as yourbrandname.Com and build your collaborative plan/team on Google Suite… initially, try to get the free editions which were allotted by Google to freelance developers…


We have started EV- scooters & motorbikes in Thane, Mumbai.
Please touch base for more information : ngaonkarâ– rediffmail.com


We have started EV- scooters & motorbikes in Thane, Mumbai.
Please touch base for more information : ngaonkarâ– rediffmail.com


I think you have an excellent idea .
The market for renewable and alternative energy solutions is prime in our country.
Definitely planning to build a long range ev is a good innovation, considering the current technology limitations of short distances and faster acceleration.
You need to start working on a prototype and need to plan your finances around the prototype first coz that itself can take a significant amount of effort and time.
You also definitely need an Automobile engineer in your team like this engineer from Navsari , Gujarat has produced a solar powered bike

If i were to enter the alternative / renewable energy market,
i would try working with a old second hand car / bike for the chassis and first get the energy transmission to the existing wheel / axle combo first, at least in theory, create an ev prototype and then with some HELP of a seasoned mechanic retrofit it into the vehicle.

I would also approach someone for funding only when my prototype is near complete.


and IISC is organizing seminar for smart vehicle projects this week.