I Want To Start Business in India With Low Investment



Hello Friends, I am Nidhi Sharma and I am looking for perfect steps for starting a successful business.

I want to start Local eCommerce Business in Gujarat & Mumbai Location. I researched many forums, YouTube Videos and blog articles about starting a business in India. But, i am still confused about following video content.

Checkout this video


And please explain me last 4 steps. Also, give me info about SBA Office & Employer Benefits & Rights in India.


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I dont think there is any such thing as a perfect way to start a business.
There are norms and guidelines (Federal/National, local, state) that every entrepreneur has to follow and the video you have found is mentioning the same - just that it is giving you a birds eye view of the business creation process in any country.
The core of any business venture is an indepth understanding of the market you are operating in , its challenges, its ways of working and the nature of work involved.
Usually such an understanding is borne out of cold hard experience , though i might add, even with experience, you have to learn to deal with failure as an entrepreneur , as there is no USER MANUAL to success.
Even most of the top entrepreneur’s in the world today have failed many a times before they were successful.
In the last few years, the process of creating a company (the technical procedure) has got much more simplified both at the government level (automation of MCA website) and even at the entrepreneur level vis-a-vis the work done by a good Company Secretary .
If you have a specific query do post on the forum and i am sure many will be able to advise.
The Ecommerce market is definitely booming in India, with both small and large players having a share, but as a i mentioned before , you need to check with existing small traders already in the market for their experiences , and also be prepared for faliures, non starter ideas and technical / challenges in the short term.


Now a days more & more people are looking to start their own business.
But the investment is the main difficulty in their success.
But you don’t need to worry any more.
There are many businesses you can start with small amount of investment.
In this post you will see at least 20 business ideas that can be started in India with just Rs. 1 lakh.
It is very important to consider all the ideas that you can get to start a business that would work the best for you.
See this post for more explanation : 20 Businesses That Can Be Started in India With Rs. 1 Lakh



Your posted article is worth reading. Thank you for sharing



Last four steps are mainly related to financing and legal aspects of businesses. I can suggest you better find a friend ,relatives, or people who are either accountant, lawyer or doing same business you wish to do. You can get help from them regarding your doubts.

Startup requires less amount in the beginning so i would suggest you first get more than 10 paying customers for your startup business and then get into all this things. Once you have paying customers ready, you can expand your business and it will be beneficial for you in funding.

For any further discussion you can pm me.


Hi simonaa,

Hope your’re doing good.

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Yes. Ofcourse Finance is most important to start a business. Dexter Capital advisors is a boutique investment bank , who give advices about starting new business and also funding the business.


Hi Simon,

I will be interested in considering the same. Kindly write to me about your business ideas.


Rightly said, there is no perfect way to start a business. It is just the moment when you decide and start with the business. Said that, it is very important to do research about the business and the market, in your case Mumbai and Gujarat. Apart form this, everything depends upon how you manage people and clients. One important thing, never focus on short term goals or profit, always focus on Vision. Vision as in where you want your company to be after 5 years. As said by varun manian “Entrepreneurship is not only about making Profits”


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Hi venkat, Hope your’re doing good. i have idea to connect all schools and colleges digitally but the problem is funding


Hey Nidhi, since you’re pretty confused about starting your own venture, have you considered joining a startup accelerator and incubator program? You can join any program such as TechGroov’s accelerator program. They can help you scale up your business and assist with investment opportunities as well.

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Hi Nidhi,

Hope your’re doing good.

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Hi Bonisrikanth,

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you may get some ideas about getting succeed with your business at http://www.ourbusinessladder.com/succeed-in-your-business-successful-business-ideas


Hi, Nidhi.

If you want to start an e-commerce business, I can help you out. You can try using Shopify as your e-Commerce platform. It is easy to navigate and you can design it yourself or hire someone that is well-trained for it.

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me up. Thanks!


how i can find the good product for my store shopify


Not sure if you are talking about the offline or online things. But tell you seriously, if you are looking for an online venture then there are eCommerce website builders that can help you getting things done.
4 Steps, I believe things have been more simple now.
Take a look at eCommerce website builders like Shopify, Tibolli(.)NET and more. How these shopping cart platforms have been simplifying things.
Just sign up and the drag and drop interface of these platforms will let you do things easily and quickly.