Idea OR Execution What is more important for startup?

  • Idea
  • Execution

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An idea which is not executable or an idea that does not provide a solution it is not important.


Infact, it’s a mixture of both.

Ideation is very much required before the execution.


it’s not as important to make it easy to decide one way or the other. It’s more important to reach at useful & intelligent thumb-rules.
Idea is like a seed & Execution is like cultivation, marketing and sales of your produce.
NO idea at any stage is as bad as Bad-Execution.
If the seed is Bad then too you can’t be profitable.


As long as Idea pops up in your mind,It is just a wish list not plan. Unless it’s strategies in a structured approach and laid out towards execution.It does not have existence.


For me Idea is important. Because If you have an idea and you are a real entrepreneur then you can do the execution very easily. But Finding a wonderful business idea is very rare. Execution you can do if you have strong determination, resources, and problem-solving quality. If you set your idea with proper path then execution is very easy…This is my thoughts.


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An Idea is a free thought that will eventually come around. Execution requires one to be diligent and courageous. It pushes you to risk your comfort for something that may never work, in hopes to get what you had always planned for, to Execute the Idea. So I personally believe that an Idea is something that everyone can “Eventually” come up with, but not everyone can muster up the guts to go forward and take the steps required to plan and execute the idea. :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah,

It’s a great question…
To answer this let me put it very straight.
All the startups that has failed, had idea but lacked execution.
Hence both are very important but majorly, execution plays a very vital role in the success.
Every single person on this planet has an idea so having an idea is a no big deal at all.
Exection >> Idea