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Dear Sir,

I am Vishnu from Tamilnadu, I am having following ideas, Please review the same and Please let me know is it worth to start or not.

I am submitting my idea and a small research for the same as a justification for choosing the idea. All these are the gaps here in my residing place which can grow in future.

1.Online Trading of flowers and Organic food:

A) I would take up organic food of non perishable type first and see it stabilize for 3-6 months and then go for flowers. The reason being that flower is a highly perishable commodity and I can not lift my product in very small quantities from wholesalers. If at the initial stage I will get stuck up with unsold stock, might end up in loss. It’s best to initiate with a non perishable commodity, fix up my target audience and then go in for flower trading.

B) Procurement point: For flowers there is no problem since there is a vibrant wholesalers of flowers in Madurai (my residence) itself and I need to contact the wholesalers there, find the price, payment terms, delivery mode, packing details as well as the minimum quantity I can lift.

For Organic food like Rice, pulses, cereals etc I need to tie up with some designated farmers who are making cultivation through organic manures. To start with, I need to locate organic farms and tie up. Later on it suits me best if I can have my own production arrangement on a 100% buy back terms with any local farm of say 10-20 acres Land holding and grow tripple cropping in a year.

B) Packaging: It’s desirable that I market my product with my own packaging with a brand name printed on the packets. That way my brand gets recognized in market. For flowers I may need to use celofen , plastics or cane packaging. But for organic food its better if I use thick Kraft paper packets (120 gsm) with my brand name printed.

C) Marketing:

For flowers it’s best to target institutional customers initially as compared to individual customers simply because I may have to lift a minimum quantity and unless I get bulk orders there could be wastage by way of unsold stock. So my target audience should be offices (for regular supply and conferences) Decorators and Indian Wedding / Marraige ceremonies where they use huge quantity of flowers for weddings and other auspicious functions and Indian Hindu Temple trusts.

For Organic food ,I can first try high end customers, who do not mind paying for costly organic food. I have to collect B2B data base . I can also supply to food Malls and up scale groceries who stock special items. It makes sense to tie up with Dieticians and Doctors who will prescribe my products to patients on a commission basis.

D) Adminstration and launching:

The first thing I need to do is to get a well designed Dynamic website. I need to use professional talent because that’s what is the key to drawing attention for me. To make my website grab more eye balls, I need to use SEO methods.

2.Online General and Medical Tourism:

A) General Tourism:

My target audience is the incoming tourist crowd who visit Madurai either for business or for religious purposes, Meenakshi temple being the star attraction. I need to give a comprehensive package for stay, sight seeing, Temple Visit and also visits to ethenic shopping villages (handicrafts or textiles) if any. Therefore I need to tie up with hotels, Oyo rooms, Arbnb for accommodation, transport operators for sight seeing , restaurants for directing my customers

A pick up and drop service from Railway station / Bus terminal etc may be a value addition. Incidentally I can also try my hand at offering Temple related activities on behalf of my customers in different parts of India or abroad, who wish to offer blessing gifts on specific dated (Birthdays, Marriage anniversary etc) but are not able to come personally. This is a high paying service here.

B) Medical Tourism:

This is a totally niche concept in India and my target audience exists within the city or within 100-200 kms surrounding area. Obviously no one from Chennai or Bangalore would come to Madurai for treatment. So people from adjoining areas who need treatment need a platform from where they can book appointments, get a bed reserved in hospital, want ambulance etc to be arranged and their escorts need to stay back and helped with finding accommodation and food. I can also volunteer escort service whereby the patient would be received by I on arrival, admitted and I / my team will pay him regular visits to hospital, report to his family on a daily basis, meet the supervising Doctor. I will also take responsibility of putting the patient in train / bus for his home after discharge. The family saves on the cost of sending an escort and I can charge a handsome fee

C) The success of both this tourism variety lies in my contacts with lodges, hospitals, nursing home and my presentation of the matter in website.

D) I may consider patients from Madurai and nearby areas who wish to get treated at Chennai, Bangalore or Vellore ,extending facilities like fixing appointments, booking hospital / nursing home beds, arranging accommodation for escorts making travel arrangements etc.

  1. Online Medical Counselling:

A) This is a new concept. By this, I work as a catalyst between Doctors and Patients. Basically I book appointments with Doctors from Patients who are my clients. However , I do not charge the patient. The Doctor gives me 15-20% commission on his fees. In the same manner I can book appointments in MRI, Scan and diagnostic centers, arrange pick up of samples and despatch of reports.

B) An extension of this facility is to arrange direct consultation with Doctors online, but for that I need to have an online chat model where I should be constantly available online to facilitate such counselling.

C) I can provide value added services like pick up and drop to & fro Doctors chamber / Pathology / Diagnostic centers including Ambulance facilities, if required. Every additional service would be chargeable.

D) I can also arrange home service of Physiotherapy, Massage services etc specially for orthopedic or paralytic patients, echo cardiogram, even dialysis. The scope is enormous . I can go on adding gradually

These are my ideas for starting my journey on entrepreneurship and I think these are some niche ideas which are not yet developed in India but have good scope for me in future.

I am submitting this to you for review and kindly suggest me is the above are good ideas and which one will be the valuable for sustaining in the market. Please let me know.

Thanks with regards,

Vishnu Sankar

Madurai, Tamilnadu


Contact / Whatsapp: +919865336055


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Great Start @vishnusank1 !
You are among the very few entrepreneurs out there who bother to detail out their startup dreams before an unfamiliar audience .
The online flower trading is something that should be the least exhausting :smiley: compared to the medical tourism idea and also when compared to your other ideas in the general and medical tourism space.

Compile a network of growers in and around your city of residence, network with other agri-based entrepreneurs who are into cultivating flowers. Here is a link to a linked in post on agri-entrepreneurs who are networking together, you too should join .

You need to understand very clearly the seasonal nature of the flower business, and what are the perils/challenges the growers face.
There are always ways to find a network of buyers for flowers in the city, and some of the varieties of flowers even have international demand, for which you can tie up with logistics companies who have expertise in handling food / perishable goods.
Study the success stories of other entrepreneurs who have made it big in the FMCG space and try to meet up with some who are in this space for a practical discussion of costs and risks.

Once you are convinced that the flower sale / export business is fit for you , then invest in a domain name/ brand identity , partner with a tech co-founder who can build a platform to take your flower business online.


Hi Vishnu,

That’s a great attitude to begin with - publishing your ideas and asking for guidance. Congrats.

Can you brief a little more about your background, like experience, education, etc.? It will help me to provide my suggestions which can help. Because if you have and do not have business experience, it is a big difference.

To give a short feedback, Flowers are very lucrative, but also have high risk and requires a lot of focus. Other businesses are very competitive, but you can still make a successful business out of those, if your model is focussed on end customer.
More later on. My whatsapp 7708960727, if you need to discuss…
With regards,


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