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Agriculture industry specifically in India is at the crossroad of a new revolution. The entire food chain is supposed to be modernized and the production is expected to be doubled in the coming 10 years. Apart from domestic demand, this industry brings in huge export prospects.

Making money from an agricultural business requires knowledge of farming practices as well as some experience in developing a business. Before you decide on an idea, create a business plan that includes research on market demand for the products you grow and how to get them to market. You’ll also need a proper financing plan as most agricultural businesses require access to a large area of land and farm equipment to get started.

Below is the list of 50 most profitable agriculture business ideas which will help the entrepreneurs in deciding their preferred business to start with:

  1. Agriculture Consulting
  2. Agro-Farming Blogging
  3. Basket and Broom Production
  4. Bee Keeping
  5. Botanical Pesticide Production
  6. Cactus Arrangements
  7. Cashew-nut Processing
  8. Certified Seed Production
  9. Chicks Hatchery
  10. Corn Farming
  11. Dairy Farming
  12. Dried Flower Business
  13. Fertilizer Distribution Business
  14. Fish Farming
  15. Fish Hatchery
  16. Florist
  17. Flour Milling
  18. Fodder Farming for Goats and Cows
  19. Frozen Chicken Production
  20. Fruit juice-Jam-Jelly Production
  21. Fruits and Vegetables Export
  22. Goatery Farming
  23. Green House Flower Export
  24. Grocery E-Shopping Portal
  25. Groundnut Processing
  26. Guar Gum Manufacturing
  27. Horticulture Crop Farming
  28. Hydroponic Retail Store
  29. Jatropha Farming
  30. Landscape Expert
  31. Livestock Feed Production
  32. Medicinal Herbs Farming
  33. Micronutrient Manufacturing – Folier and Soil Application
  34. Mushroom Farming
  35. Organic Farm Green House
  36. Piggery
  37. Potato Chips Production
  38. Potato Powder
  39. Poultry Farming
  40. Quail Egg Farming
  41. Rajanigandha Farming
  42. Shrimp Farming
  43. Snail Farming
  44. Soil Testing Lab
  45. Soya Beans Processing
  46. Spice Processing
  47. Sunflower Farming
  48. Tea Growing
  49. Vegetable Farming
  50. Vermicompost-Organic Fertilizer Production

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Note: I am NOT a SME on Agri business. I’m an IT Guy with 20+ yrs of hands-on industry experience.

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Dear Nilesh,

Thanks for providing this information that is informative and useful. Meanwhile I am planing to make some investments in agri sector and just trying to understand the profitable area.

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I understand that you are motivated to do something on the side of Agri and that is a great thing. However, you should have some idea/direction to begin with. While it is true that anyone can start-up, you need to have a focus that incorporates something of value only you can bring to the table, as the space is very competitive.

As a branding and communication consultant, I have had the pleasure of working with some agri startups that are truly looking to revolutionize the way agri works in India. You can check them out on AIrwood for example, is run by a drone expert whose family has been into agriculture and hence he decided to bring both together. Once you have something solid, I suggest that you approach existing players and validate whether what you have is a need in the market, this is where most startups fall down. Let me know once you decide on what is the one unique thing you can bring to the table and I will be happy to connect you!


Hii…im a working professional in IT sector…i plan to start grow spinach in my 1 acre land in organic way…i have no idea abt selling and marketing my product…so pls give some tips


There Are Many Ideas Of Agri Startups Business Like:

  1. Urban Agriculture or Crop Cultivation.
  2. Rabbit Rearing.
  3. Start Selling Fresh Fruits.
  4. Foodstuff Retailing or Grocery Service.
  5. Fish Farming.
  6. Herbs, Flowers Framing and Gardening.
  7. Setup a Small Poultry Farm.
  8. Mushroom Farming.
  9. Grass cutter Farming.
  10. Start connecting rural farmers with exporters using the internet.
  11. Help the rural farmers to load Agro- Exportable Product From The Hinterland and Villages to Towns.
  12. Flour Milling.
  13. Fruit Juice or Jam Production.
  14. Soya Beans Processing.
  15. Agricultural Brokerage and Consulting.
  16. Poultry Farming.