Illuminate Pre-Eureka workshop, The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT BOMBAY



Aimed at encouraging people all around the world to unleash their inventive potential
and flesh out ideas spanning multiple dimensions Designed to emulate the process of the growth of an idea to a full-fledged startup, Eureka! prides itself on providing a 360 degree, holistic experience in the 4 month period that it spans. Right from acknowledging that your idea has potential, to writing a
B-Model, and pitching in front of an investor- this platform has it all ! With the vision of promoting both business and social innovations, we follow two tracks:

  1. Eureka! Business - The trademark of Eureka! the business track of Eureka! is aimed at helping ideas develop into businesses that have the potential to revolutionize the world.
  2. Eureka! Social - Eureka! Social aims at helping build innovative enterprises and technology to aid the strata at the bottom of the pyramid and/or build a greener tomorrow Winners walk away with prizes worth over INR 50 Lakhs.