Important Quality to run a Startup


Have you ever been called “Stubborn”?
In my opinion and past experience, for some it’s a quality & strength, and for many it’s a disaster.
A stubborn with strong will-power took many startup from 0cents to billion dollar businesses. Jack Ma, Alibaba was a school dropout and failed many times before passing one and become successful entrepreneur. One should have intelligence to utilize this quality in right direction. If used in wrong direction, this may cause conflicts, wrong decisions and flop show.

Top 10 qualities to run a successful startup:

  1. Strong Will Power
  2. Courageous
  3. Positive thinker
  4. Good Patience
  5. Workarounds (Slang: JUGADU)
  6. Systematic
  7. Good Speaker
  8. Good listener
  9. Good Networker
    10 Good Planner

What do you think ??


The diff. b/w #perseverance &just being #stubborn is based on wether ulook2 inspire ur #targetaudience or cause them 2 worry.#entrepreneur

— Ron Abraham (@R0Nabraham) June 9, 2016
[quote="ansh, post:1, topic:4249"] What do you think ?? [/quote]

and i would add two more

  1. Technically Proficient OR having good Domain Expertise (one of the two)
  2. First hand Experience working with Indian / International Clients