Improve eCommerce website conversion



I know there are many posts on how to improve conversion rate of eCommerce website but I think proved techniques are better for every new startups so lets discuss on this. What changes you have made and helped in improving conversions for your online store.


Right now, the one thing that anyone can make use of to get conversions on an e-commerce platform would be Content. And it doesn’t have to be only e-commerce platforms, any industry, any field will benefit from Content Marketing.

Even though E-Commerce is trending and catching up in India, people still think twice before buying something online, especially if it’s a new website, and that’s mainly because of the trust factor. But content is something that can help build the trust. Blogs, images, videos, etc are very powerful. So instead of investing a lot of money in ads to drive them to your website without the chances of conversion, invest it in content. It may take some time before you start getting conversions but you’ll be building a loyal fan base, and an audience. So at a later stage, when you post a product or any new thing, people will be more obliged to click on it. And besides people come on Social Media for timepass, so posting only products would be a waste of time for both you and the consumer/audience.

Content would not only help with Social Media but also with SEO. The more the content, the more the pages to index, so eventually you’ll start ranking higher in Google Search Results too.



I have spent over 8 years in eCommerce business marketing and based on my experience, here few important points that will help you to increase conversion rate:

  • User interface (Rather than using ready made template, understand your audiences/ theme and get it designed by considering their interest)

  • Categorization (Do proper categorization of products that will help your website visitors to locate the same without spending more time)

  • Search (provide proper search facility to find product they are looking for)

  • Pricing (Keep watching your competitor’s pricing strategies as it is one of the main factor affecting conversion rate)

  • Checkout process (Don’t use lengthy form for checkout, make it as simple as possible).

Apart from these, there are many macro level factors can help increasing conversion rate and can be identified by reviewing analytics data.


i agree with you, reducing the number of clicks for the conversion helps to improve the conversion rate. Also having a clear navigation between the pages that may avoid the confusions. Highlight the offers/discounts you provides so that even visitors can convert into the customers.



The very first thing I would do is creating dynamic websites. I shall update the website very often with fresh content. After some days my webpages will start getting indexed by google bots every day. My search engine ranking will get increased. I will get so many leads & leads will get converted. Conversion rate will go very high.

IT all starts with creating dynamic websites. Better to say no for static websites as we cannot update our websites with fresh content very often without huge loss of time & money.

Hope this small piece of advise will help you. Thanks


Hello adicasts i have my started my own dry fruitd E-Commerce bussiness how i can i improve conversions on it.


There are various ways to improves the conversion rate of an eCommerce store. If you want to promote your eCommerce website then you can use social media marketing. There you can advertise your brand and products. The best way to improve conversion is to give a better offer to your customer by giving them some discount coupon, product packages, discount points to attract your customer.