India m2m + iot Forum 2017



What is India m2m + iot Forum?

India m2m + iot Forum has become the signature forum in marketing ‘Brand Of India’ to the entire Information Communications Technology (ICT) stakeholders across the world. With an objective to promote India’s brand image and provide a preeminent platform to the m2m + iot companies from large, medium to small enterprises to showcase their business propositions and innovations and capabilities in emerging markets, and has been at the forefront of this cause since 2014.

To establish India as the endpoint of emerging market in the m2m + iot space, together with various preeminent organizations since 2014 has designed, developed, created and delivered a platform such as India m2m + iot Forum, and have created opportunities for the m2m + iot systems designers, application developers, and hardware manufacturers, to build realistic business contacts with leading buyers from within the country and the world.

India m2m + iot Forum aims to highlight India as the ‘Manufacturing Hub’ for the m2m + iot industry where a wide range of high-quality and high-end engineering products, services and solutions could be sourced by the companies, organizations and governments of the world. The forum also aims at reducing dependence on conventional markets, develop domestic markets, create and develop partnerships and joint ventures, bolster one-on-one business relations and accelerate businesses between India and the countries of the world.

The forum provides a distinct platform for transcontinental companies to showcase their business propositions, innovations and capabilities to the potential buyers in one of the fastest growing countries of the world ‘INDIA’.