Insights on Content Marketing - Survey of 145 Corporates


We published a report last week with Paul Writer on Content Marketing insights for the Indian market after doing a survey of 145 companies…you might find some interesting insights for your start-ups content program.
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To generate the valuable leads to the site content decides the value of the market size. Either it’s organic or PPC or any form of marketing approach, only the content decides.

To strategize, share the content and to get the better returns we have a good number of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Stumble, Blogger, Medium, BlogBeats, and so.

In the list of platforms, we need to choose wisely, which could be the best to target our audience, which platform would give the valuable leads and so on…

For Example, Facebook is best (esp., India) to provide the better leads, Twitter is good to create the valuable impressions, Linkedin good for Professionals, BlogBeats good for the local level audience.