Internet Based graphic design startup



Hello Sir,
I am planning to start a home based/online internet based start up.
My idea is to get Graphics Design projects from US/UK, etc abroad countries and get the job done by employing Indian Experts.
This is the basic idea.
But i need full details.
Is it possible to start such a business without much investment?
My idea is to initially employ Interns who will work on projects for free and as the company grows, turn them into full time remote employees
I need complete details regarding how to start such a Graphics Design Start up and make it big.



There are thousands of such people in different parts of the world doing the exact same thing.
Check this on upwork , freelancer and many other such sites.
I suggest you focus on improving your skills as a graphic designer, and creating a body of graphic content that captures your creativity and ability to translate concepts into commercially viable content.
If you have talent, you are bound to get noticed and get work.
People dont like to hear this, but a majority of startups , especially catering to the services like web, mobile etc. close down due to a lack of talent and proven ability.


Hi Sujatha,

Congratulations for deciding to be an Entrepreneur.

You need to execute a few projects in the first year to showcase your capabilities to clients or companies in US/UK/Europe. Start working on building content for your website and start advertising using Google Adwords till you find suitable members for your team.

You can incorporate the firm next year. Meanwhile try to do projects at local level also, so that you have a portfolio of completed projects which gives you cash flows to move ahead.

You can find projects on and on other similar sites.

Best wishes and keep going.

Shiva kumar
Founder, Invinsmart Consulting