Introducing - Gourmet Eat In - Yummy Yummy in your tummy :)


Hello All,

Thought I would pop by and introduce our food tech startup - Gourmet Eat In. We are a 4 month old service that provides a “ready to cook” meal kit to customers in Pune. Our RTC kits include a step by step recipe along with all the ingredients required to prepare the meal at home. All our customers need to do is to follow simple instructions and a tasty, healthy and fresh meal is ready in matter of minutes (20 min for main course).

We are in early revenue stage and have nearly 100 paying customers for our service (with nearly 75%) repeat customers. If you happen to be in Pune them find your way to and help spread the word.

Also if you are a large enough startup we would love to organize a cooking workshop at your office. To work out the details feel free to reach out.

Till then - Wear the chef’s hat and enjoy.



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Hey Tanju,

I was wondering if you’d like to offer your comments as an entrepreneur for an article I’m writing about sourcing supplies for Alibaba. It will be published on their website and may be distributed via social channels, as part of their content marketing. All quotes used will be published with a description of your business, so it provides a chance to raise brand awareness.

I have included the questions below for convenience - many thanks for your help in advance!

What are the key things you look for when sourcing supplies?

What tips to do you have for finding hard to get supplies/ reliable suppliers?

What insights do you have on finding suppliers online?


Hello Alyswriter,
Firstly apologies for such a delayed reply. I hope this is not too late to send in my responses to your queries as shared below -

A1- The key thing to look for is the supplier’s ability to scale and match the demand as our business scales while ensuring the quality of supplies don’t drop.

A2 - Our approach is a combination of online and offline search. For online searches the service ratings and reviews are critical while making supplier related decisions. For offline we rely on friends within the food community seeking both connects as well as reviews for suppliers.

A3 - Search engines and social media are big helps with online service ratings and reviews.



Hi Tanuj,

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately I have filed the story for publishing already. However, I write a lot of these kind of stories so I will keep your comments on file in case I can use them in future. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn - search for ‘Alys Francis’ - and that way I can reach you there in future. Thanks again!


Hello Alys,

Apologies once again; not the most frequent on this platform hence missed the revert. In any case I have sent you a request on Linkedin; in future you can also write to me at tanuj.gourmeteatin at gmail(dot) com for a quicker turnaround.



No worries, I’ll put your email in my contacts. Thanks again!