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Hello there everyone I am Prajwal Rai and I am the Owner of Sensation Films. I work with top MNCs and Startups in Bangalore.I am here to answer the questions you have in mind on marketing, Branding, User acquisition etc.I also have two apps in development and work with many successful Entrepreneurs.

The Startup world has got more clustered with the number of apps increasing everyday and 60% run to just fall even if the idea works. With the startups there are lot of advertising agencies around which might throw quite hefty risk investments in your way right when you start. Do not take the wrong steps find the right people who can help you grow togather than fall for something else.I have met many who came to us after moving with a wrong strategy. Sometimes it is hard to get back up but it is not impossible. Believe in yourself.

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I am here to learn too so even your opinions matter :slight_smile: