Investors Needed For a Good Large Scale Busuness



Mission :-

“eXoOberant Gaming Spot aims to revolutionize and redefine gaming by offering an unparalleled gaming experience coupled with the best user experience”

Vision :-

“The secret of our success lies in effectively merging the USP’s of various sectors and thus, provide services at an affordable cost that will create a market niche in their own right”

Our Team :-

Gohilavasan V T - CEO :

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. Founder, Operations Specialist, Market Analysis, CRM, Risk Planning and Business Development and Expansion

Kharthiheyan Ma – CMO :

     Media Publishing, Content Development, Photoshop Specialist, Market   Research, Market Analysis and Online Customer Base Maintenance

Bhasker SN – CME :

Administration, Billing, CRM, Content Writing, Human Resources, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Vendor Management and Inventory Maintenance

The Market :-

Our Target Audience is the Gaming community of A Certain University in Chennai

No entertainment zones nearby: No major entertainment avenues nearby

Realty reality: 2BHKs for 22k; Skyrocketing residential property prices. Guarantees appreciation of investment

Opportunities :-

The gaming market in India lies largely untapped.Especially in Tamil Nadu.

Integration of more brands will create more goodwill and thus expand the pool of target customers

Being associated with several top IT hardware manufacturers, and having facilities with cutting edge hardware gives us the opportunity to provide hardware sales and support at a cutting edge manner
Sale of gaming and other software titles

Establish virtual reality (VR) gaming in the near future

`Business Concept :-

The Basic concept evolves around the fact how a gamers would like their surrounding ambience to be like, coupled with expectations for hardware, lifestyle and core principles.

Fast adaptation to cutting edge technologies is much easier for a commercial venture to cope with, compared to individuals. That’s exactly what we’re doing along with the spirit of gaming that can’t be had at home.

New games that are yet to marketed in India will be released exclusively through eXoOberant Gaming Spot in South India through exclusive channels.


There are a growing number of gaming lounges in and around Chennai. Like LXG gaming in Nungambakkam, Elite Gaming on OMR etc.
Also, there is an upcoming game project with a massive 100 systems of ultra High end PCs is in the making.
But these are all double edged swords for us. How?
These can be easily tackled because they are within the city limits
Matches or tournaments can be conducted with these cafes by collaborating with external sources
Other than this, the only competition that can rise with the advent of new cafes opening is negotiating mutual cooperation for tournaments since no one has unlimited resources. However, this will be tackled effectively by diplomacy.

Gbjectives And Goals

The first 5 year goal revolves around the fact of putting in a total team effort towards the stabilization and automation of the café

After the fifth year there is a definite plan to expand through sheer brand presence, an even better market judgment, along with Extension of the building to have rooms for students, Spa/Saloon, and a Roof Top Garden Restaurant.

Financial Projection :-

Total Project cost would be divided into the following segments:
Land – 3.5 Crores
Building – 1.5 Crores
Set up – 2 Crores
Back Up – 1 Crore
Grand Total – 8 Crores

Financial Plan :-

For the first year we have considered the turnover of running only the gaming center
Calculating an average running time of 15 hrs / day and 15 PC’s and 3 Ps4’s and 1500/- for food we arrived at a profit of 3,40,000 / Month
From the 2nd Year we can add 40,000/- to this as we would be having the restaurant above
For the first 5 years, we would be getting the same figure of 3,80,000/ month as I am not including other hypothetical income sources such as franchising match sports match broadcasting etc.
For these 5 years I am also not including the ROI for Land and building as they are Assets to be used, in case of closing of business. Also the actual scenario is to develop ourselves within the gaming industry within this time frame to make it Automated and Stabilized.
After 5 years, we’re considering extending an additional 3 floors so the value would increase tremendously.
For further clarification refer the Contact Me.

Resource Requirement :-.

The team will execute everything that is already underplay.
So the stages of investment of the total budget would be as followed as per the plan.

Risks :-

Increased competition from upcoming gaming brands
2 Months of College shut down
Gaming Costs Fluctuation
Gaming Products being released at break-neck speed
Adaptation of New Technologies


Satisfaction of establishing an exclusive sector
Continuous Profit from the Venture (Like a Theater or hotel)
Full Fledged profits from 7th year due to the extension of 3 floors (possibly more) which ultimately leads to sustainability and comfort with running budget.

Key Challenges / Issues :-

Near term
Setting Up of the lounge before December 2017
If the said time limit is crossed, then we would miss a great chance of representing eXoOberant Gaming in India’s one and highly priced International Tournament which would be happening during December after which, we might not get a chance of moving this project because such an actuality will pull in a great number of good players and investors to invest loads of money if this becomes successful.

Long term
Integration of various sectors and forming a base industry in gaming.
In the event of not achieving this target, we still stand a chance of being no different than other gaming lounges in India.
Also, it has been an advantage to develop it to the Next level which would make it an industry.

For Further Clarifications Please Do Feel Free to contact me by sending pm.