Is anyone here with startup in Solar Energy..?



Anyone here working in Solar Energy industry or particularly in Solar rooftop PV. I would like to know more about it.


I got this idea which i shared on twitter sometime back and for a test implementation i started checking out the price of solar retrofit kits, which i found to be a bit expensive.

You can message me if you want to discuss this idea.

I’m not very much into hardware and so i am currently trying to contact people who are good at
electrical / electronic stuff


Preparing for start-up in Electronic Manufacturing..What are your suggestions?

hey plz share more details by PM.


Hi @somaniaakash88,
Were you referring to my post or the original post. ?

I am interested in networking with someone who is good at hardware and electrical/mechanical engineering.
The cost of installing solar panels makes the whole concept unwieldy .


Hi there. I’m seriously considering starting up my own Solar Energy startup. I’ve already strarted preparing a business plan for it. Here is an interesting stuff on the issue - . It will definitely help you too!


Reach Ventures currently has 100 million USD fund ‘Flight I’ scouting for potential startups in India categorized under following business domains :-

  1. Real Estate (Smart Housing and Commercial Buildings)
    • covers builders with highly worth project portfolio, smart
      building material manufacturers, smart and sustainable home
      automation etc.
  2. Food Processing - Synthetic Food manufacturers primarily
  3. Fashion - clothes, shoes, accessories etc brands valued at more than 25 crores INR
  4. Commercial Farming - urban and robotic farming primarily
  5. Clean energy - automobile, water harvesting, charging stations etc.

Kindly contact us to discuss further.


Can i know further details on this funding.

Simon Jayakumar