Is it legal to start a website like Torrentz in india?


As many of you know the biggest torrent search engine has shut down.

Read it here -

Is it legal to run a website in India If we host server offshore? What are your thoughts?


As you know most of torrent website have pirated content therefore it may be shutdown soon whenever it become popular.
If you want to make your site continue running then make strict DMCA policy.

Its my point of views, lets see whats other?


Illegal. You can’t run a site like torrentz from India. That’s my opinion, but I am not a lawyer. Maybe @andria @Samyak_Tatia can give right advice.


hi, @Punit
All torrents sites provides pirated contents, so you ca not run this kind of website in india. but if are buy a server from country which has not legal MOU with india. and upload your content via proxy or other open browser. so can survive for some long time, but one day finally you have to face legal problems. i am not in the side of pirated content, but if you want to set and want some experience than i will surely guide you for that.

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