Is it okay to copy Terms & Conditions from another website?


Can I reuse terms & conditions from another website? Is it legal?

Need to know the legal steps before my website startup

Yes, but change it according to your needs and contact the lawyer to check if its completely suitable for your business website.


Hi Shrikant, It is absolutely okay for you to reuse the terms and conditions provided that you have the rights for the website (copyrights, trademarks, etc). I would suggest discussing this once with a lawyer before proceeding. Also, what kind of a website is it? Can you share us a public link? It would help us understand better. :slightly_smiling:


It’s better if you generate your own terms and conditions … dere are a lot of T&C generators available online !!



Never copy and paster T & M from one site to annother.
I recommend to consult a legal advisor for this.
I’ve seen lot of cases where you benefit in the long run.


It is not okay, because T & M vary according to business goals.


Hi @Shrikant,
If you ask me , the diverse opinions on this subject are because you have not shared much information on

  • what kind of a website you are referring to
  • whether you are getting the site built for your needs or in turn for someone else
  • whether you are going to use the site for commercial purposes
  • whether there is going to be any sensitive information on this website that comes under the purview of Intellectual property
  • whether you are concerned about copyright infringment of any kind
  • who the target audience of this site is going to be

There are sites like FreenetLaw that give you standard copies of T&C and all other legal document requirements for website .
The information on the above site is shared with you under what is called a restrictive Creative Commons License where you can use the information but absolutely must include a reference to the website in the T&C document. This is the only aspect of re-using a T&C from such sites that you need to be careful about and check with your customer/ legal rep if they are ok with it.

In case of doubt , you can always contact the provider of such a T&C for discussing legalities.
Bottomline you dont have to re-invent the wheel in this day and age to ask your CS / Legal team to draft a brand new T&C / IP clause if your actual requirement is very simple .

Hope it helps.

Sole Proprietorship; License Renewal and Contract Drafting

You can use the terms and conditions from other sources as reference and modify them suitably to suit your requirement and prevailing rules and regulations.

Most so called consultants do it and have ready templets made by using copy pest from such sources only.