Jaipur Based Hybrid Edtech startup Edhusk Seeking Funding/ Mentoring



Edhusk.com is a Jaipur based Hybrid education startup backed by a core team of IIT Kharagpur alumni and operating in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India since May 2017.

We are aimed at providing students with easily accessible high-quality customised learning and activities designed to reignite the love of learning through better understanding. We are providing personalised services at student’s home or EdHusk managed centres, across these three domains -

  1. Sports & Fitness
  2. Hobbies & Life Skills
  3. Academics (K-12).

In addition to teaching, we are focusing on an individual’s personality development by means of sports & fitness training. We also urge people to participate in various yoga activities; hobby classes. We are working on a conceptualised syllabus for our academic classes where our experts can use different videos and 3-D models along with our conceptualized coursework to teach the different concepts. We are more focused on the conceptualization of Indian education system and provide personalised learning according to student needs.

We deliver trusted and thoroughly verified tutors at student’s location. These tutors have to go through our rigorous evaluation and verification process followed by a personality(EQ) test and training. We ensure their quality and credibility through a proper background check and see to their practicality.

Currently, we are having 250+ daily customers and a dedicated 900+ experts and 3 education hubs in Jaipur.


Hello Edhusk,
I am interested in your startup. Kindly private message me to take this ahead.



Hi Himanshu!
I would like to explore synergies if I could add value as mentor/advisor for your startup.
Take a look at my profile. www.linkedin.com/in/ravips/

Ravi S.