Job Interviews – are they necessary, really?



Up front, this is a long read but I think you’ll want to read on if you are serious about hiring the best.

A long time ago, my second job I think, I was asked a question, ‘so, tell me something about yourself’. I answered enthusiastically.

But since then in all my subsequent job interviews, I have heard the same question and my irritation has only been on the rise. You’d think the person who is asking this question should simply read my CV.

Oh wait, I get it…it’s an ice-breaker technique, right?

The point is, as managers we somehow start believing that our clairvoyance improves over the years so we can see through people like Darth Vader’s boss does. We don’t have that ability. So, interviews can’t reveal much. Well, at least not in just 15-minutes anyway.

So, here’s the thing; if you’re interviewing more than 3 persons for a position that carries a 5-digit salary per month then you’re wasting time, effort & money. Yep, I know it’s harsh but just hear me out, ok?

Interviews should ideally help conclude hiring and the outcome should be to get the candidate’s signature – the 3 finalists should, therefore, be equal in comparison. Either way you win. And if you have scheduled interviews en masse then you are speed dating, not hiring.

What’s the way out? 3-steps; first, do a killer job description that leaves nothing to imagination. Second, prepare a list of KRA linked KPI’s for this job. Finally, construct questions (MCQ) related to the most challenging parts of the job to be placed for the candidates to resolve and provide the right answer buried among totally confusing answers.

Deploy these questions via smartphones as a time-controlled event. Don’t worry even if you end up with 100 MCQs, you can always create multiple levels by chopping up the questions per level to be within say 20-minutes (1-minute to answer each question). Twenty minutes - the acceptable average attention span.

Just to clue you in, we’re talking about lateral hires.

Yes, you heard me right. Who says you can’t ‘test’ experienced people? Because you don’t want the champ in another company to end up a chump in yours. Even VP positions are not above it. And to clarify, we’re not talking about ‘head-hunting’, ok? If you expect applicants to respond to your vacancy then, game on.

Mobile based test events are the best. They are secure, easy to configure & deploy – a lot better than computer based tests where surrogacy may be a possibility in remote participations. The mobile leaderboard will conclusively help you find the best, instantly.

I’ll tell you how so write to me and yes, I hold a brief for Skilter mobile test app.