Journalist seeking comment from entrepreneurs for article -- coverage opportunity


Hi guys,

I’m writing an article about sourcing supplies for Alibaba, which will be published on their website and distributed via social channels, as part of their content marketing. I’m seeking comment from entrepreneurs for the story. All quotes used will be published with a description of your business, so it provides a chance to raise brand awareness.

I have included the questions are below - many thanks for your help in advance!

  1. What are the key things you look for when sourcing supplies?

  2. What tips to do you have for finding hard to get supplies/ reliable suppliers?

  3. What insights do you have on finding suppliers online?

  1. Per Unit Price

  2. Supplier Rating + Reviews

  3. Response Time

The above things I look when sourcing suppliers. The most important thing is per unit price.

Lets take an example.

Lets say seller 1 have 5 star rating and pricing of $ 10 per unit. Seller 2 have 4 star rating and pricing of $7. Then I will give more preference to seller 4.

Response time is also an important factor. If the vendor have rating of 5 stars but dosent reply in time, I will not go with him/her.

So here it goes like

> per unit price > supplier rating > response time

When selecting a supplier I give more weight to reviews than ratings.


Many thanks Bhavin! Would I be able to get your full name, and the name of the business/businesses your involved with?

  1. Qualification of suppliers( Authentication), Compare price,
  2. I used to select some qualified suppliers, then compare their rating along with reviews, sometimes for heavy product I used to browse them on Internet.
  3. Try to identify manufacturer, directly try to approach to them for better material and quick responce with the product.


Thanks for your response - do let me know which business/startup your involved with if you’d like it to be named in the article. Thanks again!


Hi, You can mention my profile url here -


Ok no worries, thanks,