Just wanted to put my startup in front of brilliant minds like you!



Greetings to all brilliant minds here !!!

I would like to introduce our educative startup. We are, KARD INDIA ™ (Keycenter for Advanced Research and Development ). An organization delivering engineering services in three different domains i.e. Research, Training and Development. We are associated with both, corporate and students.

For research, We are working on some real time projects for IIT and DTC. To promote research culture in our country, We have an initiative named as FPIE (Fellowship Program for Innovative Engineers). Under the banner of FPIE, if application got selected, candidates will be avail with complete infrastructure and all other things required to get research project done. And the best part is, All these are for free.

In Training domain, We are delivering free seminars with an unique initiative called as " Transforming engineers into CONFIDENT ENGINEERS." This seminar is full of information required to make an career not just job.This seminar is also having some part that can be called as motivational.

We are delivering workshops, summer/winter training under the banner of IIP (Industrial Internship Program ) and career oriented training across the colleges of all over INDIA. We have courses like, Android application development, C, C++, JAVA, Website designing, Embedded systems with Arduino, AVR, LINUX, Robotics, PCB designing etc.

Development team is already delivering its services for Website designing, Website development, Android application development etc.

For more details, kindly visit our website (KARD INDIA (Website)) and Facebook page (KARD INDIA (Facebook profile)). I request you to carefully go through our profile, as i need suggestions and of course, guidance from the experts like you.

I request you to get in touch with me, if you have any suggestions or anything for us which can boost it up.

Thanks !!!


I would like to connect with you people, which may be beneficial for us together and for India obviously too :slight_smile:


Would love to…connect…i am gonna message you details…


Curious to know that how do you intend to make money?


Hey girishagarwal1414,

Our training division is delivering some paid sessions also (along with free seminar) like summer and winter training under the banner of IIP.

Our development team of course, will charge for it’s engineering services in domains like website development, Android application development etc.

It is a humble request, Let me know if you have any suggestions.


I am very curious about the execution of your idea


Would like to know your execution plan, funding\investment startegy, competitiion strategy?


of course…i can inbox you…


yeah…we are having a complete strategy for completing the yearly targets…and achieving our goals.
i can inbox you a brief…


I would love to connect. Are you delivering the content using “live” teachers or recorded content ?


Hey Bhaski,
Thanks for your query.

We are delivering within college premises and on center classes preferably. Sometimes, if it’s not possible, then only we go for live online training. Recorded lectures are part of our future programs but not now.

Moreover, we are now having our training center in, Noida, Jaipur, Agra, Patna, Gaya, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai. (Working on website to update) Yes, we are growing:wink:

Would love to connect with interesting people in our journey.



Curious to know that how do you intend to make money?


Hi, would like to know your strategy. However, ours is mechanical and cash intensive proposition. Lets see if we may take a cue out of it. Please mail me if you can.



Liked your idea though I have heard of this Mumbai based startup – WeBind (www.webind.in). How are you different from them?




Our training domain is delivering paid training in engineering universities in latest technologies in addition with free seminar and training sessions.

In our development domain, we are using our expertise in website development which is a paid service.

Kindly connect for more details on infokardindia[at]gmail.com . Thanks.