Just wished my cousin sister. Bangalore. IISc report



I just wished Happy Birthday to my cousin sister who’s amazing including in computer gaming, physical sports and studies. I feel very sad that people rot in Bangalore like how I read in the IISc report recently.

I wish that she goes to world’s best including for best of education, work and things in general. I wish that would also help her to do things in India like the top people of Indian origin have also been starting companies in India and others grow it for them in India and then the others including their families are also able to grow to much better places and things. Do you wonder where the top Indians buy places to stay or send their children to for studies, work and living in general?

I would think anyone would want their family and friends to not be in a place which is so harmful. If anyone’s there then I do wish that they’re working to improve the conditions around since we’re humans. Please Google “bangalore rotting iisc” and on 1st page see https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bangalore-rotting-killing-dying-shakti-saran


My cousin too studied at IISC , worked in US through Infy but decided to settle in Kerala, where he felt his children can get a good Indian Education, which has always been a great foundation for character building.
What exactly do you think is wrong with IISC like institutions ? My neighbour used to work there, and he is now retired.
Personally i think IISC, Raman Research Institute are among the only pioneering institutions in Bangalore (they might be more , but i am not directly influenced or aware ) which can boast of being able to foster the spirit of technical innovation in our country ?
Do you think as Bangaloreans and Indians in general , barring politics(which is outside the scope of this forum), there is something that we can do to initiate awareness about the problem ?


You’ve been able to share well in English and so I would think that you’re also able to read well enough in English. Hence I’m not sure if you read what I wrote.

It’s nice that IISc shared the study and which I’ve referred to.

And regarding making people aware, I’ve been sharing for years and I’ve seen tens of thousands of people visit my article pages. I wish they’ve been getting value.

For example, please Google “anti pollution india” and thankfully see my article on 1st page.


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