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Ask any industrial Housekeeper what they need and the answer would be a way to “Preempt Concerns”. These concerns revolve around Guest/ client satisfaction, Analyzing cost per occupied rooms, mentoring subordinates with accurate individual strength & weakness analysis, devising ways to analyze need based training to be imparted, inventory/ Lost & found management, Scheduled extra cleaning activities monitoring and much more.
Kazzam with its Proven tools & services Empowers housekeepers with not just Digitalization and going paperless, but also pre-alerts them by forecasting concerns using a six sigma and human sigma analysis.
Business Overview:
Kazzam is a cloud based software and is run on a yearly Licensing model. No investment needs to be made by the client on server space or expensive operating devices. It also enables the Top Management to analyze various aspects of Housekeeping operations for units situated at different geographical locations.
The customer base is a vast market of Hotels, Hospitals, Multiplexes, Commercial offices, Malls, Educational institutes etc. The current client base includes the likes of Leela Hotels and Palaces, Apollo Hospitals, PVR Cinemas and Impressions Facility management services.
As per research data there are more that 2,00,000 registered 5 star Hotels world over with no current solution for the challenges faced by the Housekeepers. With the ever pressing need for Digitalizing operations, Kazzam becomes a one stop shop for housekeepers to fine tune their department that costs less than the amount spent on maintaining registers.
Which area/ room could be a pain point?
Which team members Job skills/ Behavioral skills could lead to complaints in the future?
Which Guest/ Cleaning supplies could exceed from the forecasted budget?
Are the inventories managed well?
Which training is required by a particular team member?
What KRAs need to be set for the Individual or for the department?
What are the deadly sins for Housekeeping in terms of Voice of customer?
Is the Lost & Found maintained as per records?
What is the cost of repairs on Housekeeping machinery?
What is a particular room’s/ area’s history?
Are all the weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly/ quarterly schedules of extra cleaning activities being followed? and if not which are the defaulting areas?
These and many more such questions have been a Housekeepers nightmare for centuries. The lack of accurate data and the time spent to analyze such erroneous data results in massive financial losses and loss of focus for the department/ organization. These can now be answered by just a click of a Button – Kazzam.
Kazzam empowers housekeepers with accurate data instantly, apart from sending alerts on forecasted concerns, so that decisions can be made instantly and the department can move towards a zero defect on all major aspects.
Being a cloud software, Kazzam can be used world over and is a required tool for all industries that have any form of Housekeeping whether with contract employees or permanent.
Our target customers are:
a) Hotels – 2,00,000 5 Star hotels
b) Hospitals – 50,000 with 200 beds and above
c) Malls – 50,000
d) Large commercial offices – 5,00,000
e) Multiplexes – 10,000
f) Educational institutes – 1,00,000
The total addressable global market (TAM) for the products – 9,10,000

Our segmented addressable market (SAM) for the first 3 years is estimated at roughly – 3,000
and our goal is to capture at least 1 percent of our TAM – 9,100
Priced at 500USD per year of usage we estimate a turnover of 45,50,000USD per year after the initial 5 years.
The Training/ updating and Sponsor/ advertising revenue is estimated at another 33,000USD per year.
Business Model:
Kazzam is priced at 500 USD per year of usage which ensures that it gains easy entry due to very low investment. As the Housekeepers get empowered with instant and accurate timely data, Kazzam ensures it gets auto-renewed by the organization every year.
As Housekeepers globally now access and utilize its services, Kazzam becomes a great platform for housekeeping suppliers to showcase their products. Which opens a platform for making revenue thru advertisements?
The regular training and merchandizing become the other sources of income.
Barriers to Entry:
The low cost and initial movers advantage will ensure less competition. Also once the data has been fed in by a client, they would not want to migrate. But the biggest deterrent would be the constant product upgrade by the capable Kazzam Brain cell.
Competitive Landscape:
There are no known competitors for the product at this time and the completion is focused more towards property management systems.
Current State:
Kazzam at present has already made its mark with industry leaders such as Leela Hotels (Pan India), PVR Cinemas (Pan India), Apollo Hospitals (New Delhi), Pandanaran Hotels (Indonesia), Mihiri Resorts (Maldivies) and with one of the leading facility management providing company in India – Impression Services Pvt ltd.
Revenue –12,400 USD
Development Stage – Product in use but upgrades being done

Funding Requirements:
We are looking at an investment of 2,50,000USD for 25% equity in the company. The investment would be spent on development, Sales and marketing, Branding and organizing showcase events for Housekeepers. A part of the investment would be spent on penetrating accounts such as Marriot Hotels/ IHG/ Best Western/ Wyndham which are more than 5000 hotel units strong individually.
Should this opportunity fall within your investing interests, please don’t hesitate to contact the by PM.
Thank you for your consideration.
Kazzam Housekeeping Software