Knowledge base within company


Looking for a Mobile or Web based app to manage knowledge base within company.


  • Ability to add new items to knowledge base
  • Ability to update existing contents
  • Shouldn’t be open to everyone on internet but only for allowed people. Though having ability to open selected content to everyone will be useful as well
  • Approval process for content added to knowledge base


Hi Kapil,

I have designed a playbook app for Android & Apple.

Let me know if you want a demo link at no extra cost,

Warm Regards +91 98451 93563


Hello, Kapil.
We would love to work with you on this. We specialise in white paper documentation of organisations and enable them with resources so that they can effectively internally communicate. Rightly pointed by you, a knowledge-base is essential for every org, and it surely connects all stakeholders in one single platform. One of us did this for Piramal Foundation. We would love to do this for you too!

Do connect with us at: /