Krushiking Android App: Introducing Path breaking technology in Indian agriculture with 40,000+ paid farmer customers and 7500+ App users



Hello everyone !

This is Dr. Naresh Shejawal (Ph.D., Director Innovation & Strategies) would like to introduce “Krushiking Agrotech Industries Pvt. Ltd.” here.
Krushiking is a dynamic android app technology made for Indian farmers for free. Krushiking app gives updates about daily weather forecast of local weather, agriculture related news, sachems and content, market analysis, live market rates and answers to questions asked by farmers working on fields. The content is written and delivered in regional language. There are plenty of path breaking services and modules we have introduced first time in Indian agriculture sector where farmers are always updated about the information and market analysis, trends etc. kind of content written and designed by in house dedicated researchers, market analysts, journalists and surveyors.
We were also invited to present our research work and innovation at a very prestigious “8th GCRA International Conference on Innovative Digital Applications for Sustainable Development, Bangalore (INDIA)” held in January 2016.
Vision of “krushiking” is to avoid bookish information and provide live, market oriented information that has direct impact on revenue of farmer. This concept became very popular and just in testing and development phase of app the download count has reached up to 7500+, whereas “Krushiking’s” paid SMS service has been in continuation since 2013 serving 40,000+ farmers.

Now, we have amazing services for agriculture enterprises and traders of agriculture commodity which are,

  1. App in app
  2. ERP Dashboard
  3. Data analysis and generate leads.
  4. Traders module
  5. E- magazine (Also hard prints on subscriptions)

Technologies and IT do not work in agriculture as intellectuals plan in office cabin, but; we made it possible because knowing the problems of farmers and farming as a farmer. More over, we have excellent human resource working dedicated for running all operations and making it possible.

Organizational Human resource (Pune and Manchar)

Mr. Nilesh Shejwal- Director and business head (B.E. Mechanical, MBA (Austria-Vienna)
Dr. Naresh Shejwal- Director Innovations and strategies (M.Sc., Ph.D. (Mumbai University)
Team of 6 Experienced IT Engineers and developers (Full time) and an experienced freelance consultant.
Team of 10 sales officer + 1 BD officer
Team of 3 Agriculture content officer (Agriculture graduates, M.Sc., Agronomy, Horticulture) and freelance consultant (M.Sc. and Ph.D.s from India, Italy)
Team of 3 Market Officers
Team of Market analysis- More than 15 years of experience in commodity trading and analysis
Team of editorial content
Team of trained agriculture communication experts- 25 women from rural site.

Right now, we are looking for investment so we can upgrade our services to E- Commerce, Big data management and transforming app in other OS (IOS, Windows).

Our Requirement for year 2016-2017 is 20 Cr. to be raised from investors (more than 1)

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