Large network of co-working spaces

#1 is a new portal to help the end users identify, locate, review pricing etc. for an ideal shared office / co-working space for themselves. It will help the owners of business space to help increase their revenue. will provide all its members ( i.e. Individuals, Corporates and Entrepreneurs interested in a co-working space ) a one stop solution with PAN India list of the shared business spaces.’s Key Features :-

  1.  Search, Register , Book, Cancel / Confirm, Pay based on real-time information of available configurations.
  2.  It will display and provide seats current availability at any given point in time.
  3.  Rule engine helps to identify the member priorities and popular trending co-working sites.
  4.  Subscription based Point of Sale (PoS) Software providing the real-time availability and Booking ability for Vendor Partners to help manage their booking. helps end- users / members in :-

  1.  Searching of the co-working spaces of their choices in terms of configuration viz. open desks,  private rooms, individual cabins, training rooms , conference rooms etc. for the duration (viz. hourly, daily, or in weeks) of their requirements.
  2.  Review by the available photos of the locations they plan to book.
  3.  Checking on-line real-time availability instead of an ambiguity of whether they would have the bookings for the said period.
  4.  Performing Tentative Booking (Blocking) as per their requirements.
  5.  Confirm Bookings of the selected options or Cancel or Re-schedule their bookings.
  6.  Making payments online using the Payment Gateway or Pay on confirmation at the location.
  7.  Manage their bookings and payments history.

For Vendor Partners ( Co-working space owners ) provides :-

  1.  A default platform for advertisement, ability to run campaigns, create coupon discounts, send mailers on new offers, pricing policy changes, community events etc. to its own (private) members as well as ApnaOffice members.
  2.  Ability to manage their own inventory viz. availability / non-availability, block booking, under maintenance notifications, any new amenities that would enhance their search capabilities.
  3.  Reports and information to help seat management, bookings, pending payments and historic data for future planning. It will help manage your inventory of your office space.
  4.  Subscription based  Point of Sale (POS) System which provides information about Office Desk Availability and Booking to manage their booking, generate different types of reports and perform analysis.
  5. The registration here is completely free. It would be our pleasure to list you on the portal and help you grow your business.
  6. Prior to your listing , we would like you to share some basic information :-

a) You will be receiving your login/password to the portal via mail.
b) If the members / end users book from our portal, will charge the space owners 15% + service tax as a transaction fee. has a roadmap on new features development and continued effort to improve the user experience of both the portal and software.
You can register your empty shared / co-working space for free ,we request you send in your details like number of seats / cabins, open desks, training rooms , conference rooms etc available , rates charged per day / month, other available facilities like digital board / video conferencing in conference room, pantry etc on the below id :- support■ You can send pictures in JPEG format only.