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First of all, thank you for inviting me for this platform @StartupsBot, I love the idea and I believe I will be quite active. So, let’s talk about my startup. When I was a kid I never dreamed of becoming rich or being an entrepreneur. I only loved technology, games, and anything related to it. I would surf the internet for tutorials on how to make websites back in 3rd Grade. Seeking help from search engines, I learn a lot. By the time I was in the 8th Grade I would build games in game engines such as unity, code in 4 different languages and had learnt the skills of 3d-Modelling, basics of ethical hacking and animation. Lucky for me, I had all the support from my school (The Orchid School, Baner, Pune). I got the oppurtunity to present in front of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam during his visit to our school. In 10th Grade, I was urged my two of my friends to make use of my technical skills for commercial purposes. So we started, and Lycan Bot we called it. (If you’re wondering - “Lycan” comes from “Lycanthrope” or “Werewolf” and “Bot” is a short for “Robot”. Together it says, “We will provide you with designs so flawless and creative. It would seem as though it were the work of a genius robot.”)

Lycan Bot is a web-designing and software solution company ,based in Pune, that follows the protocol of finesse in designing software. We create specially handcrafted websites and user friendly, efficient software to suit your needs, at affordable prices.

Our company was launched on the 1st of January, 2015, when I was 16 years of age (Born on 4th April 1998, I am 17 now). It is run by innovative and aspiring adults and teenagers who have a desire to learn more, and do better in each of their projects. We offer our clientele free email ids and an email client (like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) with unlimited storage. We also provide the clients with the content they need for their websites.

In this short period of 13 months, we have grown into a global company who targets MNCs and international audiences, with a major support on social media as well (

Recently, we submitted our website for getting showcased on THEMIFY, a website which provides themes and plugins for Web-Designers. From among 49,000 user’s website submissions, ours was chosen to be featured on Themify’s homepage, which is a matter of pride for our young minds.

We also got to present in the Orchid school in the Innovators Conclave. The Eleventh Founder’s Day celebration of The Orchid School started with an emphasis on innovation. A platform was provided to the young minds through ‘Youngistaanis – Innovators’ conclave.
This event was graced by eminent personalities, and speakers from Verve, an organisation that provides platform to people with original ideas.

You can have a complete look of our clientele at our website.

So, that was my startup story, what’s yours?

As a fresher , want to start a company . Is work experience necessary?
Where to invest improving the product OR Marketing the product?

Thanks for sharing your story @Krishna. Quite motivated right now.


Thanks for sharing your startup story and all the best to you for future. :+1: +1:


Thanks for taking time to write your startup story. I really liked your company name Lycan Bot. Wish you all the best for your future. :slightly_smiling:


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. :slight_smile:


Wonderful story, man!


Great read. Any updates?


Hi Abhishek, we have finally been able to open up a new branch for game development in India. Hopefully, our games will be available in the market by another year or so :slight_smile:


Krish…turn this side in dp:blush:. Hope for your brand in all over world in future with best fortune forever… Keep rocking Man!!! :airplane::seedling: keep growing with success


Thank you :slight_smile: