Launching Anonymous Mode - ask/answer anonymously 😍



Starting today, we are launching a new feature which allows you to ask/answer anonymously.

Often, it’s tough to find people who are willing to talk openly about their struggles and failures. Anonymity provides a sense of security, which allows the person to speak openly and honestly.

It gives people the opportunity to talk about things that they weren’t able to do so.

So starting from today, ask/answer on Startups Forum completely anonymous.

More Freedom to you. :peace_symbol:

To go anonymous simply click on your profile pic and then click on the anonymous icon.


We would love to know your feeback about this feature. :heart_eyes:

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WOW. :star_struck: Simply awesome. It will surely help people to share opinions without any fear. Look m anonymous :sunglasses:


Nice to hear about a new feature being added to increase participation .
I think already users are starting to use this feature to request for advice , excluding the confidential details from their post.

One also has to prevent posters from abusing the privilege, so that people don’t use anonymous posting to post derogatory comments, which is a violation of the forum guidelines. Hence this should be a feature that should be regulated in some way.


Nice Feature. :smiley: But the only thing is people should not abuse it as @Ron said.