Legion and Anonymous - impact on Indian Startup


These days Legion and Anonymous are in headlines because of there illegal activities. So, the question in my mind arises can these groups be a danger for database of startups and INDIAN company .
Please keep Your Views.


I think NOBODY is secure once connected to Internet. What every startup can do is strengthen their servers security.

As most of the Indian startups don’t care about the server/app/website security.



Believe me, even the large corporate are vulnerable as still very few people take data security seriously. Just installing a Firewall or a Data Safety software is not the end of the story, but just the beginning. I think its time Indian business looks are Ethical Hackers and Data Security professional like us a bit more seriously. You will be amazed to know how little steps can boost your safety !



While Risk Management through best practice is the mitigation method to safe guard your product and services the Legion/Anonymous impact on startups is remote due to their specific high value targets.

Startups basically are prone to a totally different Risk: the lack of best practices, an example would be code commit and backup with only a reliance on so called tier 3 or 4 cloud services where the Startup pays a nominal fee and starts hosting. When such services fail, which they do very often the Startup who has not committed his code or taken backups ends up empty handed with no recourse.
This Suicidal tendency of startups is quiet common in India.