Life Coaching/Agile Training/ESL Coaching - Ideas solicited



I am a Vice President at the largest bank in the US, For obvious reasons, I would like to keep the identity under wraps unless someone was to ask. I have been in the work force for 30 plus years (with 18 years in Canada/USA), and plan to return to India in the next 6-12 months.

During the vast span in the workforce, I have worn several hats, and am certified in various areas such as English language and Communication training, Agile coaching, and Professional Life coaching (Business coaching/Career coaching/leadership coaching/Time management etc).

When I return to India, I want be a start up entrepreneur in the above lines of business. I intend to use these skills to help people in different walks of life in achieving the goals. Obviously this can’t be a one person show, and with the passage of time, I would like to expand through a franchising or a similar set up, where I can control the quality of education rendered, and live up the expectations of my clients.

I’d appreciate getting your inputs/opinions on this idea, and what kind of set up would help me achieve my goals. I may look for business partners, once I get an idea of the numbers and growth prospects. There may be a lot of questions,but since the information is still high level, but I will get clarity through a series of discussions,

Thank you in advance for your ideas and help!!


Lets connect on email amberanand8■


Hi, my name is rekha i own a company called sysbig technologies India Pvt Ltd in Bangalore. I appreciate your idea. I would like to have serious discussion about your ideas to implement to make it as simple as user friendly viable product… Its my email id brekha307■



I am the founder of .
We are building an in-house product called PLANETMENTOR which is a digital learning app.

We are looking for investment to expand the team and scale the product.