Logistics Tips for E-commerce Startups



In 2014, e-commerce sales rose 15.4%. Total sales rose to $305 billion, but even with this huge amount, e-commerce only accounts for 6.5% of sales in the retail sector in the US. This just shows that there is still a very large amount of room for the e-commerce market to grow. You will need to know some tips about the logistics of your company if you are hoping to create a startup in this potential market. Many of the same rules apply for brick and mortar companies but with e-commerce there is more of an emphasis on delivery and less on store operations. Here are three tips to remember when it comes to creating the logistics and distribution side of your startup.

1.Do not be afraid to mix possible logistics solutions.

2.Offer Multiple Delivery Options to Increase Conversion Rates

3.Provide Tracking Info to Reduce Customer Service Emails

These types of e-commerce logistics systems, based on the above considerations, ensure the following benefits to shippers, customers, and 3PL service providers:

1.Improved communication
2.Transparency into the supply chain
3.Improved customer satisfaction
4.Cost reduction
5.Improvement in efficiency
6.On-time delivery


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