Looking for a co-founder for Mumbai based computer startup



Hello there,

My name is Terkel Douglas, and I looking for a Co-founder for a Mumbai based startup, hoping to launch shortly.

The idea is based around the idea of an e-commerce company, selling tailored computers and other electronic, and a large part of it will involved building the desktop computers for the customers. The idea is loosely based on companies such as the Komplett Group, which last year had a total revenue of 4000 Crore Rupees in the countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway alone, which have a combined population of 20 million. My point being that there is definitely potential for the idea in India.

A bit about myself. I am a danish citizen, but have lived in India on and off for the past couple of years. I divide my time between the two countries, and thus it is important for me to have a co-founder on the ground, who I can trust to handle things on the ground. I am very committed to the idea, and I hope to utilize my network in Mumbai to help with this startup, and have already secured free legal help as well as accounting. I will bring an amount of funding with me, but not quite enough to get it all started, so an initial investment round will probably be needed.

What am I looking for in a potential Co-founder?

I am looking for a person with a interest and knowledge on electronics, and particularly computers. Any prior experience here, whether it is actual jobs or whether you just like messing around with your computer is very valuable here.

As stated early it is very important that you stick to agreements, met our mutually agreed deadlines and can work on your own, as I will not myself be able to be in India through the entire year. If you have any other experience with startups, or other jobs that is also much appreciated.

If you cannot bring any initial investment with you, that if fine, as long as you are dedicated to the idea and is willing to put in the work needed.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Send me a message here if interested


Terkel Douglas


Hi Terkel,
I m a technical person but not having IT background. I would like to know the details about your proposal and the investment required.


Dear Terkel,

A great idea and would like to connect. You can check up my LinkedIn profile at https://in.linkedin.com/in/surekha-pendse-9abb7a14. When are you going to be in Mumbai so that we can discuss this in person. you can connect with me on skype too as sureama
Look forward to hear from you.


Surekha Pendse


Hi Douglas,

I’m already working on a similar thing in UAE (Dubai) with assembled Laptops and Desktops. I’m also opening a company in India (Mumbai, Delhi and Pune). I do have contacts in Lamington Road (Mumbai’s computer market) and I can easily get this concept rolling in India (all I have to do is get a hardware guy on my payroll).

This can be easily set up and can be provided PAN India (starting from Mumbai). This initially would not need too much capital investment (except for the website and app and an office space, we don’t need to stock up inventory as of now…can get it on demand).

This can be a JV between your company and mine, or can be a separate company formed by the two of us (My company deals in a lot many things so obviously would want to separate the two).

If you wanna discuss this further and proceed with the company formation let me know.


Ameet Mudnaney


Hello Ameet Mudnaney,

All this sounds very good, and would like to have a chat with you discuss possibilities. Is there anywhere I can contact you outside of here?

Also, since you are based in Dubai, do you spend much time in Mumbai?

Hope to chat with you soon,



Hello Surekha,

Thank you for your reply. I have messaged you on LinkedIn, so let us discuss this possibility further there.


Terkel Douglas



I’m currently in Mumbai. I’m spending some time here as I mentioned in my earlier message that I’m setting up 3 branches of my Company in India. you can contact me on ameetmudnaney @ rediffmail .com (just remove the spaces) and post your Mumbai contact details there, I’ll contact you.


Ameet Mudnaney


Hi Terkel,

Can we chat on skype or hangout or FB messenger. If we decide a time then it will be easy to chat in one go. Also on linkedin I cannot see any Terkel Douglas in my contacts.




Hi Terkel,

I was just going through your comments, We have started IISGL 4 months
ago with beautiful business plan which combination of 5 business.

As above mentioned we are coming up with E-com platform which called "
Miswoo " miswoo.com It’s not in production it takes another 3 more
months to go live .

We are running with 50+ Members with core IT development, infrastructure, E-com security and strong backed marketing Procurement experts.

This might be good platform for you to extended your idea…

Kindly let us know your availability and contact details, so that we can connect and discuss.

You can reach me at varun.s @ iisgl.com .

Let me know any further questions.

Varun Sha


Dear Sir,
I am interested to join with you. Kindly send the complete details at my email I’d: ksubhashchandran■yahoo.co.in


I am a fresh MBA gradute loooking to be apart of startup. So if you are ok with no experienced guy you cna reach me through any socila media platform:

skype: t.sathya.rao

Thanks in advance


hi, @TerkelDouglas
i can not invest in your venture now, but as i think the fund is very high as u also expected.
As i calculate in SEO and marketing you have to pay lots of bucks.

But if you are like to my approach of new kind of organic SEO than you can definitely beat the lots of other companies which already pay huge amount on SEO. my way is somewhat better and faster than any SEO system, if you want to know more PM me or mail me directly. As with my guideline you have to pay almost 10th portion of normal SEO.
I have wast experience in IT

Have a nice day
IRED Technologies


Hi Ameet,

We can be your service support partner for Pune location.
You can contact me by PM.



Hey contact me via email olivier at tableaudepot.com
i am based in Montreal Canada, looking to invest in Indian startup and to expand business in Europe and Canada area … i am Indian Origin … speaking english and French /// i am an airliner and seo of a e commerce in Canada //


Hello Terkel,

I am Mumbai besd Software developer, I am interested to join you, because of I have experience in B2C domain. And go through your idea that’s grate . I am working in same domain , I have experience in e-commerce , e-wallets payment systems, if you want to discuss more about it so please WhatsApp me on +91 8652246963.
Thanks & Best Regards
Umesh Singh