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Hello Pals,

I am Anita Tejwani, 21, hailing from the heart of writing and living at Bangalore, India. I am a Motivational Speaker, Poet, Author, and Entrepreneur. I was an Inspirational Journalist earlier and for my work I was awarded the National Record for being India’s Youngest Journalist.

My venture Wings To Wills (www.wingstowills.com) is a Personal Brand and Image Development platform for budding talented individuals from the fields of Acting, Culinary, Music, Artistry, Drama, Entertainment, Startups, etc.

I am looking for a co-founder who has been into this field and has passion to make people stand out of the competitive world and make them celebs.

You can even reach out to me at anita■wingstowills.com


Looking to start a Social Networking Site

Great share more on my mail Jayaneil2007■yahoo.co.uk


Hello Jaya,

Kindly check your mailbox :slight_smile:

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Hi @anita ,
I checked your website and its refreshing to see a clearly represented idea and team on your home page.
Trying to highlight the uniqueness of others is such a novel and fresh concept, and the reason your idea is interesting to me is the idea can build itself into a good social media application for local/indian talent and culture if it clicks.

At my startup i am trying to come up with a social-media concept called Product Listings, where users get to know what are the new shops, discounts, activities going on in their neighbourhood.
For example if in Bangalore, there is a new mall / shop / restaurant opening in your neighbourhood it appears as a post on your page.
The shopowner benefits by being able to advertise his products in his local market.

The general form of this idea can be used for all kinds of services as well (possibly even yours), like civic issue management and local vendors ( cycle repair, kirana stores, interesting places etc)
For eg - It can also be used to address civic issues, where if you raise a concern (about a blocked drain , overflowing garbage bins , stray dog menace, broken streetlight, untarred road, street violence ) if you get sufficient people to ‘like’ your post , you can build public opinion against inept administration and influence change at the ground level.

If any entrepreneur’s are interested do like this post.


Hi Anita,

This is Puneet, CEO and co-founder of www.societyfocus.com and www.propertyplayer.co.in

Frankly i dont get much of idea about your business from looking at your site. Lets have a call around this and we can see how it can effect both of us mutually. you can reach out to me over ceo■societyfocus.com



Hi Anita ,
This is Shubham
Tell me about the concept so that i will think about it.


Hi Anita! When I was looking for a business partner, I used to arrange presentations via http://proektainc.com/services/organization-presentation.html service to market my product and attract custmomers and partners. It worked fine for me!