Looking for a funding for my Education Startup


We are team of 15 engineers who is aiming to bring a technological revolution in the Indian education sector by bridging the gap between the technology and the school students
Most of the students are very much fascinated with the technology going around them. They want to learn but don’t have any such platform through which they can learn and for a school student it’s really difficult for them to learn from an online platform like YouTube and other sources because learning about technology needs a experienced mentor. There are people who are conducting workshops in schools but they are only limited to robotics and that to they are not very helpful.
But our aim is to teach them something so that they can create their own products and bring their ideas to life and want to give them a hands on learning experience in the diverse technology. Tell them about the real life application about what are they studying in the classroom.
For this what we are planning is to develop a mobile lab by incorporating the technology tools in a bus along with all the facilities like 3d printing, building a bot, teaching them to play with technology and how they can use it in their daily life at the bare minimum cost. Each bus will be equipped with 3-4 mentors who will be guiding them.
The reason for what we are using bus is to reduce the cost of setting up a lab in the schools and through bus we can cover up a larger market as compared to that of a fixed. The bus can cover around 40-50 school in a month and we have a capacity to handle more than 3000 students a month. Apart from this the bus will also help us for marketing since it moving from one place to another we can do our marketing where ever we go. We also talked to schools who are willing to take the bus on rent for about a week or so.
The cost of setting up a lab in a bus is around 70 lakhs which will give us a good return and the people who are involved in this are very well aware of the designing and modification as they were the part of the technical teams when they were in the college So we are looking forward a investor who can see our vision and drive us towards the success.

Mohammad Imran
FusionEra Edutech


Hi Imran,

Idea is good.Out of the box
We are also in education space. We provide a Whatsapp type of App for school for better communication between staff, management, students and parents in various groups.

Wish you all the very best.

Juzer A. Hussain


Your concept sounds good. Maybe we might be able to pool in resources and support you. If int please do message me


How to contact you…??


@Imran_Ali You can contact another user by sending a private message.


We are also in education space and can help you in marketing.



idea sounds good u can mail me details yousuf.kidsdps■gmail.com to discuss further