Looking for a Marketing Startegist




I run a health-tech start up in Bangalore. We are developing solutions for people to follow Therapeutic lifestyle changes to manage chronic health conditions like obesity, Diabetes, HTN, PCOS etc. By solutions, we mean “a holistic approach to manage the condition” which includes, Apps/Web applications, Coaching& mentoring by our our system to achieve specific goal, later online consultations with Docs and experts.

Our Apps and solutions are ready for release in another 2 months.
Currently looking for Marketing strategist help me to go to the masses.


Dear Rajeena

I am a marketing strategist,and I am a health-freak too. I can philosophically connect with your product.
I am a business coach too.

So, if these mean anything to you, please revert back.

Warm Regards
Sayan Ganguly


Hello Raveena

I run 2 startups and advisor for 3. I deal with Go-to-market strategies. I can surely be of help. PM to connect and have a quick chat