Looking for a partner for a vocal social networking app, which will change your life!



Hi this is Somya. I have created and developed a vocal social networking app called WaveNote. You can find all the information you require below. Here’s a link to our video campaign.

You can download the app anytime from any of the app stores.



WaveNote is a Vocal Social Networking app that allows it users to record, listen and share audio. WaveNote is a curious mix of instagram and twitter but with audio instead. Imagine if you could listen to the people you follow on twitter and not have to read a couple of flat sentences on a screen. Imagine if you could listen and be connected to news, your favourite celebrities, musicians, bloggers and even family and friends without even looking at your phone. If you download the WaveNote app, you could do just that. WaveNote connects you to people you follow and plays your newsfeed like a playlist even if your phone is on stand-by mode. WaveNote is the Social media that is required in the fast paced lives that we live today.


WaveNote was launched officially on the 3rd of June 2017 and in 1.5 months we have 1300 downloads and increasing everyday. We have had collaborations with Terribly tiny tales an online story telling platform with over 1 million followers, Comedy Wagon which is one of the biggest producer of stand-up comedians in India, Radio Mirchi Punjab, most of Radio Mirchi’s RJ’s are on the app and doing well.

Market Opportunity:

This is a huge market and it has huge potential, I don’t even feel the need to explain the potential, because we could become the first personalized radio since the inception of radio and there could not be a bigger opportunity than this.

The Problem:

The problem currently is that we are out of funds and need a strategic partner. We have been very focused on creating good content for the app, because we believe that good content drives users that will use the app and not just download it.


Each Voice note or wave can be a maximum of 60 seconds. WaveNote also has a messenger that works like a walkie-talkie. You can make groups, use voice filters and even send voice emoticons.

Revenue Model

Revenue is not a problem at all with this app, not only will be have sponsored ads, we also have a premium version for the messenger in the app. We also plan to have a way to buy more seconds if you want to create waves that are longer than 60 seconds.

Marketing/Growth Strategy

The strategy that we are working on currently is that we are getting influencers on the app to create content and to get their followers. We are holding events at schools and colleges that involve the students like MUNs. But in order to grow at a much faster rate we need to get bigger influencers, celebrities even, we need to make sure WaveNote is all we advertise it to be, it actually is a place where you can follow people you want to listen to. Right now we are forced to concentrate on the Punjab region since our offices are here, but we need to get offices in Mumbai so we can build relationships with agents and influencers, and also because we would have a much bigger and much more open audience.

Management Team

Somya Dada- Graphic design and Advertising from London College of Communication.

Vishal kedia- Web Development. Awarded as emerging young Entrepreneur by STPI in the year 2013. Studied at Lovely professional University.

Ishaang Dada- Studied Finance and investment from Durham University.

Pritpal Devgan- Marketing Associate


Somya Dada and angel investors that include family members have put in all the money invested in the app. No one is taking a salary at the moment expect Pritpal Devgan who gets 30,000/- per month. The app is debt free.


There are other apps that are working on audio. Like, Get Vokal and voized but they are not active anymore. They have 300-400 facebook likes and are hardly active.

And Finally - Asking for Investment

As I am writing down the essentials of WaveNote and thinking of the investment we should receive and require, I feel like what is more important than the money is the person who invests it the idea. If you believe that we will be the next big thing in the Social media space, if you think WaveNote can personalize radio and if you think you can help us get there, then lets chat. We would like to partner with someone who has experience in this field, or is an influencer of sorts. We are looking for 2 crores for 10% of the company.