Looking for a social network startup


Hi there,
I am working on my social startup. And want to meet Indian social entrepreneurs who already experience what I eying for.

For more information regarding my startup, take a look our landing page www.defenzelite.com

I like to clear my intention I don’t want to collaboration on work rather I am looking to cross-networking.



Just checked your website. You have mentioned the following in the third paragraph:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – these are all examples of social media networks that reign supreme in our modern age. However, every single one of these platforms suffers from an onslaught of problems, such as circulation of misinformation, Crisis of fake accounts, Tearable cyberbullying including advanced social engineering involves information penetration, Data misuse, critical Malware transmission, Improper privacy features, and more…

So how does your site can resolve this? Would like to know the differences? As this is not an easy job.


Actually, These all problems are directly or indirectly related to each other, we can’t solve particularly any one of them. Primarily we are focusing on main 3 problems. Misinformation, Fake accounts, and privacy issues.

Very soon we update white paper documentation on our official platform. Once it’s updated you and anybody else able to read it. These documents explain WHAT WHY & HOW we are doing things.

@Karima_Montasire how’s your startup?


How are you different from https://diasporafoundation.org?

They have covered distributed social network, I say this because we are looking for solutions we can integrate to create cross linked value for our members.

Our use case is that our members want facebook type of application to talk and share their achievements. We do not want to be a social network hence we would like to offer them a seamless membership to a better social network. So far only Diaspora has come through to meet our requirements, however we are open to explore. Our dead line to close this feature request is June 2018.


Hello @anandpadia, glad to meet you here. I didn’t understand your query. I try diaspora its good. Thanks for sharing

Are you working on a social network?


I am available at www.linkedin.com/in/anand-padia; We are not working on social network. We have built e-commerce platform from scratch. Ruby on Rails, I am the CTO and manage product development. Checkout our startup - www.yourshopconnect.com


Hey Pratyusha, Wishing you success in your venture.

I am not sure if your still in building stage or have some early users, we can surely stay connected (https://www.linkedin.com/in/vikas-patel-3bb6808/).
We have a community for singing enthusiasts where user post their song recordings and get feedbacks/ratings from fellow singers. In last 3 months we have around 500 active users and more than 2k recordings posted.

Vikas Patel (Co-founder, www.eriyaz.com)


missed app link in previous post: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eriyaz.social


Hello, Vikas glad to meet you here. I checked your app as well website I want to talk regarding your startup in depth towards your mission and vision.

I thought us together deliver something really valuable instead working alone.

Thanks @Vikas_Patel