Looking for a very competent co-founder in Bengaluru




I am an IIM alumnus who recently relocated to India/ Bengaluru after spending 10+ years in the US. I have worked in management consulting as well as high profile general management roles for Fortune 100 companies. I am currently exploring start up options and would love to have a co-founder to brainstorm with. I have a few ideas but nothing concrete…

Few criteria for the co-founder… I would ideally like her/him to meet a few of these -

  1. Have strong business background - preferably an MBA
  2. Alumnus from a reputed college such as IIT, IIM, NIT, etc.
  3. Previous experience in start ups
  4. Has his own business ideas that can be explored
  5. Deep functional knowledge of any industry
  6. Passionate and dedicate and not just looking at this as a pass time
  7. Has good cash flows to sustain him/herself
  8. Must be based in Bengaluru

Interested candidates reply to pralaychakrabarti■gmail.com

Pralay Chakrabarti


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