Looking for a young technical Cofounder



I am Jayant. I am working on a mission to make our civilization exponentially efficient than now. I am executing this vision with an Android app called Manigence which can give personal management of life and goals using AI. I am actively looking for a technical cofounder. If you are interested, let’s connect.


Hi Jayant,

Its great to know you are developing app on such a great issues. Lets connect with me on ravi.pandey1711■gmail.com

So we can continue this discussion further.

Best Wishes,
Ravi Pandey


Yeah just mailed you!


Hello Jayant,

I would like to know more about your approach in AI sector. I am currently learning as well as trying to implement the same for multiple application. Would like to know what idea you have in mind to implement for your cause.

Get in touch on siddharth7123$gmail