Looking for Best Ecommerce Platform


I want to start my own business. I know brick and mortar store needs some financial resources. So I would like to try my luck with an online business. So what do you guys suggest? which is the best ecommerce platform and why do you think it is the best?


Hi James,

In my opinion, given the current scenario, the best e-commerce platform in India is Times Internet Ltd’s “Get-Me-a-Shop”.

I say so with personal experience - I am their current subscriber - and have found it to be the best value-for-money. I opted for their Platinum plan which includes an e-commerce website, Android & iOS apps, FaceBook page, marketing on Twitter and Instagram, linking with multiple payment gateways, consolidated dashboard to manage selling on other e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon & SnapDeal etc, SMS & e-mail marketing, basic CRM & ERP, and even logistics (which I didn’t avail since I already had my own solution).

Sorry for that reading like an ad for them, but let me give you some background to contextualise my glowing testimony…

I have been struggling with online marketing since before it was a buzzword. Paucity of funds have always dogged me forcing me to hone my value-extraction skills. Nevertheless I got led astray by a lot else promising effective marketing via the Internet but failing to deliver ultimately. So I’m a seasoned cynic, now.

Without making this post into a novel, I’ll conclude here but invite you to contact me or reply here for any clarification or other details you feel I left out unanswered.

Best-of-luck in your endeavours, James.


Thanks and much appreciated but I wold try myself with something that takes nothing from me. This is because, there’s so much competition and an online site needs sufficient time to get some traffic and by that times, I don’t want to spend money at all. After all, why should I? as far as I get something that is not demanding any investment.


You’re welcome, James :slight_smile:

I used to think exactly what you do now. But something cannot be created out of nothing. One needs to invest either time or money.

In today’s fast-paced startup / business environment, time is never enough - if you’re too slow, you risk becoming obsolete.

So, while I wholly empathise with your aversion to financial investment, in my personal experience only that provides results.

However, as before, best of luck in your endeavour.


I would like to mention you thanks. Moreover, I would like to let you know that so far, I have gone through many channels and platforms. And if you type Leather Jacket Hub in Google Play store, you will see that I got an app for free and even my eCommerce platform offered me everything without charging. I referred it to one of my friend too. And even I didn’t believe until I gave them the try,


I think if we want to get good results then we need to spend our time and money and you can go with a paid campaign to get traffic to your site.


Thanks for the suggestions but I would appreciate the organic ways.


Congratulation, Can u pls send me no for ur aap maker


Congratulation, Can u pls send me no for ur aap maker


Well Thanks for that and they haven’t got any number as a matter of fact that is an eCommerce platform that is not taking any penny. I didn’t believe it when I was being told but when I gave it a try I started believing and now even I advocate them too.


No ecommerce platform can be labeled as the best one, since it all depends on what exactly are your business needs & goals. if your plan is open a single online store with limited features & no feature customization, then you can happily go with Shopify. BigCommerce, if you want a few more in-built features at a little higher price.
If a completely customizable ecommerce store is what you are looking for then WooCommerce, Magento & Spree Commerce is what you should choose. Here again, if your intension to build a huge ecommerce store, then you might skip WooCommerce as well.
Another scenario, if you want to start a multivendor store then Yo!Kart & CS-kart are your best options. If you want to start at low cost but are hoping to expand as your business grow then you might just want to go with Yo!Kart.
You might make a better decision after reading this article. https://www.inc.com/bill-carmody/top-5-ecommerce-platforms-for-2017.html


I found own customed platform is the best one wich highest security and good website speed.


You can go with Buildbazar or magento platform to start a new ecommerce business online.

www.shopsurya.com: An ecommerce website in India for online shopping of 4G mobile phones, home and kitchen appliances, baby items and office equipment.


Woocommerce is not a variant?


Times internet team is not that great, their words don’t hve reliability is my experience, be careful


Hello Salmon,

You can visit the website of one among the best online business solution provider “Appkodes” for the best and readily available ecommerce business solutions.


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