Looking for cloud solution for Customer / Vendor Registration


Hi All,

Our business deals with lots of car drivers. So we want to get their Complete information and store it in the cloud. Information such as Driver Licenses / Personal Information, RTO Certificates etc. While the information set is fairly simple, we are having trouble to find a cloud solution that could help us register their information easily by using mobile as well.

We have tried using Forms such as Google Forms, JotForm etc while they are good they lack two major things Reporting (Print PDF / Report similar to Common Registration Form) & Feature of having to upload documents via Camera.

I have tried using ZOHO Creator application that works wonderfully, but their reporting is sub-par and not at all user-friendly.

In case you have any idea of such softwares / cloud solution please do let us know.



Namaste Pratik!

After studying your your business requirement I (my profile) would say that only solution is custom built solution would meet your exact requirement.
Most of COTS (commercials off the shelf either are loaded with features that you won’t wish to pay for) or they deliver quality with limited shelf life and would be difficult to adopt.
If you are open to explore custom technology solution, I would be good help to deliver your exact requirements. Reach out to me at +91-9886640292 or visit co profile.

Ravi P. S.