Looking for Co-Founder for App start up (Plan to apply to Y Combinator)



Hey guys,

My name’s Aditya and one thing that’s been bugging me ever since I’ve thought of my start up idea is creating a founding team. Basically I’m trying to develop an app that I think has global appeal and is quite unique, which is also the reason I can’t share it here. I plan to apply to Y Combinator and other accelerators (such as Microsoft Accelerator) and for these accelerator programs its required to have a team. Now I wouldn’t usually(never) go on a public site to look for some one to work with and Co-found something with as I can be extremely picky on who I want to work with. But this, you can say is cry for help, cause I know its extremely important for me to have a person just as equally passionate about this as me.

There are a few skills I’d hope whoever is applying to have, that are :
1, Programming Skills (Fluent with App development in android and ios and fluent with Java)
2, Design Skills (Fluent with Photoshop and Illustrator for App Design and Wireframing)
3, Good English Skills (I’m not that good with Hindi, though its my mother tongue and all but I prefer working with people who are proficient with English as it would be easier to discuss)
4, Have been proper millennials in the internet/digital revolution and are interested in technology all around the world.
5, Age 20-23 (±2) (I’d honestly prefer working with people around my age, and have similar views on the world and our education system)
6, Have an independent take on things like society, technology and the world.
7, Delhi NCR (I live in Gurgaon, so need someone around here)

Now I know these “requirements” are very vague in some ways, but you’ll get what I’m saying when we interact. And I hope people who can relate to these can leave a reply so we can get into further communication. I also don’t expect the person to have both designing and programming skills, but I prefer if he/she is very good with atleast one of them(hopefully some hackers apply too, hackers not crackers).

Well that’s all I can say for now
Please reply if you’re interested in developing this App/Start-Up with me.



Hi ,

Sounds like a plan.

Lets catch up on what you are proposing and what you are expecting.

Are you a technical person (If not a engineer by education).





Thanks for the reply!

Hit me up on my gmail : adityaisbohra■gmail.com

We can talk more about this there, and hopefully you can tell me where you stand on those 6-7 requirements.

Me, I’m not so technical in the sense of programming. I haven’t mastered any coding language but I have quite some knowledge in what’s achievable through code and can help in that sense.
But that’s why I’m looking for good programmers so I won’t have to worry about my inefficiency in the code.


Hey Aditya,
Here’s a post from a few months back i think would be worth your while reading up on.
All the best for your product idea !


its like sum1 demanding with lots of terms n conditions instead of asking …