Looking for Co-founder for South India based e-commerce startup


I’m Looking for a Co-founder, e-commerce based startup, someone with e-commerce related knowledge & experience can contact… Ready to discuss only if you are looking for seriously… if you are interested reply here.


Hi Venad,
There are a lot of folks on the forum interested in discussing about e-commerce startups .
Can you share some details about your idea ?
Also are you looking out for a domain expert or a technical expert in any given area ?


Thank you for the response. Yes ,there are a lot of people are interested about e-commerce startups, our concept is completely different from others. We almost finished the design of the entire concept into reality. Already discussed with IT- Technical, funding requirement estimations also done, but we are struck at funds, that’s the reason we are looking for a co-founder. The products and Idea can be shared with any potential investor at the meeting.


Potential Investors always look for proven ability before they are willing to risk investing their money for equity in a product. Have you thought of creating an MVP to demo to your potential investors ?

For the benefit of the larger audience, when designing a large product, as you probably know, the first step is to select a crucial module/ use case of the product /service and and implement the same using a technical platform you are comfortable with and able to prove your product visualization capability. This would not really require a large funding, and the best option i have seen in many cases is to borrow money from Friends / Family. That way you will know what are the pitfalls your product is likely to face in actual development. The proven logic is its easier to convince friends / family to believe in your startup than to convince an absolute stranger(i.e investor) to support your entrepreneurial ideas.

Every product startup claims to be different , and it is usually at the cusp of development that one begins to realize if truly the innovation that you are talking about is practically achievable and salesworthy. _Also by sharing the demo product with forum user_s, this gives you an opportunity to get a feedback loop around your MVP to get it ready for demo to a potential investor.

All the Best Venad!


Thank you so much for your advice about MVP. We will workout to create MVP. This will help us


Hi Venad,

Interested…!! Can you throw some lights on your business idea ?


Hey Venad,

Interested in your idea. Please share some details. You can contact me by pm. Though I’ve no contacts with VC as such but doing CA I’ve contacts with banks who can fund the project.


Hello Aagam

Can you give your Mail Id or Just send me a PM.


Thank you Srajan…I will be in touch with you


you can connect with me on toshpalb■gmail.com