Looking for co founder - Internet based product / service



Hi Members,

A quick introduction, I have about 15 years experience in IT with expertise in linux, networking, embedded systems, sockets, multi threading etc. I am working as a CTO for a Gurgaon based company.

From last year and a half I have been working on a product, which is now ready for go to market. Product is a real time data streaming engine, that allows you to very rapidly develop, test and deploy real time features in any web or mobile app. Real time data may be text or binary, like text messages or even audio video.

The product opens up business opportunities in the areas of IT services, consulting and end to end solutions/products.

I am looking forward to monetize now for which I am looking for a co founder who can take care of Marketing and Sales with a strong experience set.

Interested people may connect with me, preferrebly from Delhi / NCR at this number



Hi Vikas,

Please get in touch with me. We would like to know more about the product.




I can be reached at +91 8700349866 or emai : vikassood11â– gmail.com

Vikas Sood