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Good day to all.

We are two Entrepreneurs with the next big bang idea in branded items with the potential of becoming a master stockist for India and additionally, we are developing our own e-commerce online marketplace.

The Idea:
When it comes to American, European and international branded items and its originality such as lets say Gucci Perfume or a crisp Armani suit or Calvin Klein Jeans, Indian consumers have the only options to visit specific branded retail outlets in specific cities. Their purchase options are limited and retail costs are considerably high.

We at Brands Camp have designed a revolutionary logistical supply chain to import the branded items which has the potential to be distributed in three ways:
A) Via our own Brands Camp e-commerce site
B) Wholesale to outlets/individuals
C) Becoming a Certified MasterStockist for South India and neighboring regions for the international brands such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klien etc.

So what makes us special?
Good question. The pitch sounds like a regular import/export business cycle right? This is where I come in. I have a deep and personalized contact with all major American and European brands. By personalized contact I mean with the actual Brand Name and Company and not via third party.

Our Competitive Advantage
-We will be importing branded items such as apparel, hand bags, perfumes directly from Europe and USA from the major Brands.
-The major Brands have agreed to give Brands Camp Originality Certificates to prove our products are original.
-The major Brands have also agreed to give Brands Camps Authorized Resale Certificate for the stock we purchase from them which again reinforces the originality of the products.
-No other company in India is operating on this scope. We have the first movers advantage.
-No other company in India is offering Originality Certificates proving the products are original from destination.
-As per our research there are no e-commerce sites in India that specialize in selling ONLY BRANDED PRODUCTS which gives us minimal to zero competition online.
-Our business and logistics network in South India especially Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu gives us scope to succeed within the first 6 months of operations and breakeven.

What we are looking for
We are looking to integrate a maximum of 2 angel investors who will join us as Co-Founding Investor Partners to embark on this business idea. Currently, my business partner and I have incepted the idea of Brands Camp and with two Co-Founder Investor Partners, we will be a team of 4 Co-Founders.

Let me once again put forth the point that no other company in India is operating on this scope and no Individual or Businessman in the Fashion / Apparel Industry in India has the business connections directly with major International brands as we do.

We have an Investor Presentation ready and the Corporate Branding for Brands Camp already done. If anyone is interested please contact me via darinolopez88■gmail.com and I will drop you the presentation.


Thanks for the huge support. Received two potential interests so far.


Pls send ppt on arpana.aeron■gmail.com


I have dropped you the email with the business pitch


Email sent with business pitch