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i am Pratik shetty, i am planning to startup and create disruptive technology and solve the problem of traditional logistics and supply chain in India, i am looking for someone who can discuss more on my idea and brainstorm together, and join me. I aim to use modern technology at its core for solving the problem of transportation and create an Aggregation business Model , would you be interested to meet up and Join me or provide me mentorship any help from your end would be appreciated , please reply by sending pm so we could collaborate and work together for the same.
Pratik Shetty


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Hello Pratik,
At my startup i am also looking at getting into the logistics software market, though not from a ‘aggregation’ model but more from the point of view of creating use case based enterprise software that can address the needs of this market.
In creating a disruptive business model for logistics, one thing i must share with you is that one needs to obviously have a detailed understanding of the logistics (or supply chain) industry.
One needs to clearly understand the business flow between the local logistics representative, the central logistics player, the freight forwarder, airline / ship/ travel contacts etc. Without knowing the flows and the de-lineation of responsibilities one might find it very difficult to enter into this space.
What i am saying is that an initial challenge you might face is that agencies such as IATA (and other international freight , cargo, transport related agencies including international and government agencies like Customs ) have pretty much standardized how the logistics business is executed throughout the country and the world.
Not to dampen your spirits but IMHO just like a countries bureaucracy you might find it very difficult to change any existing system, and come up with a business model that can drastically change the logistics business functions .
Last week I had a consultation a logistics manager and thats where i was able to learn all the above. One more point, just so you know , is that this is a 24/7 high pressure environment with constant timeline pressure for the actual folks on the ground. So if you are into creating a disruptive model, you will have to get your hands and feet dirty and understand the pain points on the ground first, before coming up with a disruptive model.
In Bangalore, where my startup is based out of , we have a number of new players who do courier services. Their USP, AFAIK is that they offer same day (or NBD) delivery, and home pick up options which is not offered when i checked with the heavy weights in Bangalore like DHL.
I also talked to another local logistics supplier last year who told me there is a huge market for same day delivery in cities, as the big players dont get into that market.
One more issue i was told about was that in the local logistics space its difficult to get reliable manpower (finding a person who you can rely on to transport goods on a daily basis with / without their own vehicle and parking facility)

All the best.


hi pratik
this is ramana i would like to work with you i am a student and i am looking to start a startup and if you are interested to work with me feel free to reach me out…

venkat ramana


Hai Pratik iam Ravi Kumar from Hyderabad iam in the same situation where u are so send me the mail at ravi.malga■gmail.com