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EATATOS (Eatat online service Private Limited)
About EATAOS - Eatatos is a brand entity registered under Eatat online service § Ltd., Lucknow. Eatatos is an online market place based on hyper local business model for organizing unstructured Tiffin service industry in India. Eatatos aims to formalize the channel and building a dedicated platform for Tiffin services in India having market cap size of 28 Billion Dollar /year.
Current Status:
a. Private Limited Company registered naming as Eatat online service Pvt. Ltd.
b. There are 2 Directors named as Raunak Agrahari (B.Tech, CE) and Harshul Gupta (B.Tech, Chemical) both are serving as Co-founder in the firm.
c. Pilot Project city- Lucknow
d. 5 interns (Marketing and IT development) are working.
e. Having an official corporate office In Lucknow at BBD – Viraj Tower, Vibhuti –Khand, Gomti Nagar Lucknow.
Positions: Chief Technology Officer / Director Technology
Objective - The CTO’s primary job is to make sure the company’s technology strategy serves its business strategy. CTO will be responsible for Technological framework, execution and development.

Roles & responsibilities:

  1. Platform selection and technical design- The CTO must know about the fundamental things of development and should posse’s excellent knowledge about the platform selection and its architecture about the technical design as per the market requirement. Creative thought about the same is also must.

  2. Seeing the big picture (in graphic detail) - the CTO should be the person who can keep everything that technology can and can’t do in their head. That means knowing what’s written and what’s not, what the architecture can and can’t support, and how long it would take to build something new. That’s more than just drawing architecture diagrams, though. Being able to see the macro and micro simultaneously is a hallmark of all of the really great technologists.

  3. Provide options – The CTO must be able to provide a better option that makes sense what to do and what not. The person himself must know about the technological ground that suits the market demands. The CTO must know about the ease of the system required to build with-in time limit and also must be knowing about its team capabilities for the complete execution of the work.

  4. Find the 80/20 – The CTO should posses the skill set that differs him / her from others in respect of 80/20 i.e He/she must know a way how to get 80% of the benefit for 20% of the cost. That means less operating cost with maximum profit ratio.

  5. Grow technical leaders – The CTO (if) has the willing to start his/her own with the thought of managing the team and helping others to grow, will make him/her pro-active and shows the entrepreneurship skills. This what Eatatos actually requires.

Educational qualification and eligibility: -

  1. Website development (frontend and backend), mobile application.
  2. Must know at least 2 languages as Php, java, etc.
  3. Must be able to manage the complete database on Mysql, firebase etc.
  4. The candidate must be from IIT / NIT or from any reputed college in India having relevant experience.
  5. Candidates having experience of 2-3 years in development will be given preference or worked on professional live projects.
    Offering from Eatatos:
  6. CTO will be given position in the board of directors at Eatat online services Pvt. Ltd. On equity basis in between (8-15%) based on past experience and capabilities.
  7. The board of directors (including CTO, Director and others) will get salary in following cases as
    a. Raising investment from Angel investors, investors and Venture capitalists etc.
    b. Company gets in profit.
    c. Facilitation from accelerators and incubators etc.

Note: Eatatos also going to have Eatatos instant (app based food logistic system) and Eatatos localities (App and web based channel for local delivery). Once any candidate hold the position as CTO, will get to know more about these models which eatatos will development in the course of operation of Eatatos.

Contact: To apply or know more about Eatatos contact us by posting it here or by PM


Hi There,
Would like to join in your venture of Eatat Online Service Private Limited as Director Technology.
Looking forward to hear from you guys.
Keep me posted.
[Ashish Desai]