Looking for developer/co-founder



What I am looking for -
(1) Somebody who is excited and interested to disrupt the news ecosystem.
(2) Somebody with solid technical skills (Android at the least).
(3) Somebody who questions established standards and is hardcore consumer oriented.

I have been working on a disruptive news mobile app that takes out a lot of complexity from the UI and makes extensive use of data science to drive news to the user. Having finished the data science on a python hosted server and an iOS app, which is now ready to launch, I need somebody with excellent Android skills (at least) to join me. Depending on your skill set and vision, we can discuss what role you can play for a great opportunity.

Drop me a line to discuss more details. Market competitors, target customers, growth opportunities and other things have been studied and open to discussion with qualified folks.

A little about me - I am an M.S. Computer Science and have developed so far by myself but ow want to focus more on taking the app to market, acquire customers and introducing more features while having a great team with me, starting with the mentioned developer.