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Mastertech Software Developers LLP was formed in May, 2016 by joint venture of Mr. Paresh Shah, Proprietor M/s Jay Infotech & M/s Holiday Club India.
M/s Jay Infotech is a 25 year old company engaged in software development. Their main product is complete backend software for travel & tour agents by brand name of “TRIP”. It is one of the best running software for travel agents in India with over 5,000 installations throughout India.

This software runs under DOS platform. With changing times there was a need for a good web based solutions for travel agents backend requirements. Hence Jay Infotech over a period of 2 years of development have come up with the solution by name of “e-Travelacct”. The software is now completely ready and since May 2016, we already have 400 installations throughout India.

Now to further expand the business pan India & also in other countries like Middle East, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya etc. we require the funding.
We already have ready marketing agreements with companies in Middle East & Bangladesh for marketing our software in their counrties.

For fulfilling the above we are looking for a project finance of approx 2 crores INR ( USD 300,000) the cost of the same shall be recovered in a span of 5 years alongwith interest from the revenues…

The cost of basic module of the software is INR 20,000/- in India, INR 40,000 in Bangladesh & Bhutan, AED 6,000 in Middle East & USD 1500 in African markets.

We expect to sell 600 copies in Indian market ( we have already sold 400 copies in last year), 100 copies in Middle East, 100 copies in Bangladesh, 50 copies in Nepal & Srilanka & 50 copies in Africa in first year.